The one-line pitch that had the Shark Tank judges in fits of laughter.

Yes, well.

I think we can all agree that there’s been something missing from our lives.

For years we’ve been walking around, going about our business, and our ears have just been sitting there… naked.


Definitely not covered in condom-like material.

It’s pretty horrifying if you really think about it.

Thankfully a brave soul named Rachel has come along to save us from our bleak ear-condomless reality.

You see, Rachel realised there are times in our lives when we definitely need tiny condoms on our ears… like when we get our hair coloured and when…


Oh yes, that be the only time.

Anywho, Rachel sank $80,000 into this idea, flew to China and got a handful of tiny ear condoms made, and then somehow got herself cast on Shark Tank.

On Tuesday night’s episode she finally saw her dream realised. She got to stand in front of the sharks and pitch them the idea that was definitely going to revolutionise the ear clothing industry as we know it.

This is what she said:

“Earsox protect you from dye water and chemicals running into your ear canals.”

That was it.

That was the whole pitch.

The Sharks broke into fits of laughter before thanking Rachel for her very succinct pitch.


They then explained to her that no, tiny ear condoms are probably not a thing that people need and no, they were not prepared to invest in them.

And Rachel, well, she was quite chuffed actually.

The 10 ear condoms that she spent $80,000 on got five minutes of air time on national telly… on a weeknight… and Janine Allis was there.

And Rachel knows, deep down inside herself, it’s only a matter of time until we all see the error of our ways.


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