The revolutionary new baby bottle that sent the Shark Tank judges into a frenzy.


Well, this is clever.

Julie-Anne and Glen Mayer have created a non-squeeze, portable feeding bottle for young kids.

It’s basically like a meal delivery service for tots, that won’t leave them covered in rogue strands of spaghetti.

The couple presented Subo, the food bottle, to the sharks on Tuesday night’s episode of Shark Tank.

“We invented Subo out of necessity,” Glen explained.

“We’re a busy family of five and we make our own homemade foods.”

“So we invented a product that’s revolutionising feeding on the go,” Julie-Anne added.

The couple went on to explain that Subo is the world’s first non-squeeze feeding bottle, which means young children can feed themselves safely and without the risk of a mess.

The food sits on top of a platform in the bottle and as you sip on the soft silicone spout, the platform slowly moves up the bottle.

Once it’s finished, the bottle comes apart for easy cleaning.


The couple say the product is great for pureed food, yoghurt and even tinned spaghetti.

Julie-Anne and Glen asked for a $120,000 investment for a 12 per cent stake in the business, which is worth $1 million.

Half-way through the pitch, shark Steve Baxter said the product was perfect for what he was about to attempt… putting two 14 month olds on an aircraft for 23 hours.

“This is an incredible design,” added Naomi Simson.

Julie-Anne and Glen then explained they had spent $585,000 on developing the product so far, made up of $260,000 of their own savings and $325,000 of government grants.

Last year they sold 2500 bottles for $29.95, making a $55,000 profit.

The entrepreneurs said they came on Shark Tank for the shark’s expertise and to raise awareness of the product.

“What do I need to get ya, I’m in,” Steve Baxter immediately said.

“I’m on your journey. I’ve got a pair of 14 month olds, this to me is a godsend. I think it’s so amazing, it’s so well built, so let’s just talk about the future.”

“You name your price,” he added.

While the rest of the sharks were keen to bid on Subo, they bowed out when they saw how enthusiastic Steve was.

“I’ve never seen Steven Baxter, the grumpy b*stard, with so much enthusiasm and I just don’t want t complicate this,” said Glen Richards.

“I have never seen him like this,” added Simson.

You can find out more about the Subo bottle on the company’s website.