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From tech gurus to building fashion empires: Meet the judges of Shark Tank Australia 2023.

After a four-year break, Shark Tank Australia is making a comeback.

Yep, the pitching show has just announced its star judging panel of investment gurus, promising to deliver a serious amount of entertainment, while dropping some serious cash.

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Video via Channel 10.

A group of amateur entrepreneurs, hoping to score themselves a serious investor will sell their ideas to the 'Sharks' in a risky bid to win big.

So if you're wondering just who these dangerous sharks are we've got you sorted.

Meet Shark Tank judge: Sabri Suby.


Sabri Suby is an online specialist, with specific expertise in marketing. 

In 2014, Suby founded King Kong Digital, which trains individuals on how to harness digital power in business. The company is said to be worth over 40 million dollars, making him a seriously well fed shark on the show.

Meet Shark Tank judge: Dr Catriona Wallace.


If you're into AI, you've probably heard of Dr Catriona Wallace. The 57-year-old is the founder and CEO of her company Flamingo AI, she's also a serious advocate for ethical use of technology and also heads up the Responsible Metaverse Alliance.

Meet Shark Tank judge: Dave Fogarty.

You may think that Dave Fogarty is just a shark pup at just 28, but he has built an empire that is estimated to be worth 250 million dollars off the back of global brand Oodie.


Meet Shark Tank judge: Jane Lu.

Jane Lu says built her 100 million dollar business out of the back of her parent's garage, proving all you need is a good idea and drive.

The 37-year-old founded her own online fashion site under the name Showpo back in 2010, it's now a globally recognised brand, which women of all shapes and sizes turn to for stylish pieces.

Meet Shark Tank judge: Robert Herjavec.


Robert Herjavec made his millions in the 90s boom era, following his success he then founded a tech company under the Herjavec group name. 

The 60-year-old Croatian-Canadian-born first featured on the US version of Shark Tank before making his way down under, over the course of his time on the series he's invested over 23 million dollars, making him a serious prospect for our entrepreneurs.

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Shark Tank Starts Tuesday, August 29 at 7:30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Image: Channel 10.

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