The creepy invention that made a Shark Tank judge storm out mid-show.


Things became pretty intense during Tuesday night’s episode of Shark Tank.

So intense that one Shark stormed out mid-show.

The reason? Some creepy lil’ dolls.

You see, photographers Sandra and Brendon Moffatt have created a lifelike newborn baby mannequin called Stand in Baby.

They came onto the show seeking $200,000 from the Shark Tank judges for a 20 per cent stake in their business. The product was originally designed to help photographers pose newborn babies during shoots.

“There are heaps of mannequins available, but surprisingly, there were none that required you to support the head, or allowed you to practice realistic handling and positioning of a newborn,” Sandra explained on the show.

“When you’re taking a photo of a baby, you need to take several photos. That means you have to move them. We had to learn to move and reposition babies to get the optimal amount of photos we could.”

The creepy doll that made a Shark Tank judge storm out mid-show.

Video by Channel Ten

The couple then explained they wanted to expand the business into the medical industry and sell the babies to hospitals and universities to be used in their antenatal training.

At first glance the Sharks were skeptical because, well, creepy lil’ baby doll thingies. But after the Moffats made their pitch the Sharks came-a-swarming.


Steve Baxter offered to meet their initial request of $200,000 for a 20 per cent stake in the business.

“The possibility of this product is amazing,” he told the couple.

Andrew Banks then offered $200,000 for a 25 per cent stake, Glen Richards offered $200,000 for a 33 per cent, and Janine Allis offered $200,000 for a 30 per cent stake.

The Moffats went back stage to discuss the deals and then came back and asked Andrew whether he would be prepared to lower his percentage stake and partner with another Shark.

That’s when Steve kind of, well, lost it.

“Are you rejecting my offer?” he asked the couple.

“You’ve got them down to 20 per cent and you’ve ignored me. Interesting negotiation tactic. I do know that I am the most qualified with respect to my medical investments, especially in the US. I’m the one who came out and gave you what you asked for without having to come back and beg.”

Despite Steve’s outburst, the couple went with Andrew and Glen’s offer.

After Sandra and Brendon walked off stage, things intensified between the Sharks as they swapped a few very pointed insults.

Then Steve said, “F**k it” and walked off the set.

“I think this is the maddest I’ve seen Steve all season,” Naomi said to the other Sharks.

“Steve is p*ssed, get the beers out, we’ll all calm down,” Glen added.

You can watch all the creepy doll drama play out on Tenplay.