The Shark Tank judges just uncovered the quirky Australian shoes America is obsessed with. 

On Tuesday night’s episode of Shark Tank, the judges stumbled upon on a rare gem.

A pair of Australian shoes that are so quirky, yet practical, the US just can’t get enough of them.

The shoes in question are called Minnow Designs and they’re protective beach shoes for kids.

The idea for the shoes came to founders Lorraine Cherry-Nguyen and Stacey Fisher after they noticed their own kids struggling to explore the beach in bare feet.

Lorraine Cherry-Nguyen and Stacey Fisher present their business to the Shark Tank judges…

“Like most Australians we love spending time at the beach,” Lorraine explained. “And on one of these days, four years ago, we came across a bit of a problem.”

“Our young toddlers just wanted to go exploring but the sand was really, really hot and there were lots of broken shells.”

“We thought we would be able to find some shoes, in toddler sizes, but we couldn’t,” added Stacey.

So the friends decided to create a solution to the problem. Their shoes protect tiny feet from hot sand, slippery rocks, and sharp shells or glass.

The entrepreneurial duo faced the Sharks hoping for a $70,000 investment for a 20 per cent stake in their business.

Lorraine and Stacey explained to the judges that they already have a successful e-commerce business in Australia.

They had also tried breaking into the American market. They listed 1000 pairs of the shoes on Amazon and they sold out in record time.

The founders now wanted the Sharks help to further expand into the American market.

While every single Shark was impressed by their design, none of them wanted to bite.

However, Naomi Simson said she would meet with the women to mentor them on how to take their business to the next level.

You can read more about Minnow Designs here.