The true story of the shark that almost killed Dale Carr.

‘I’m sure the shark is missing its left eye and has a sore nose’

Thirty-eight-year-old Dale Carr was attacked by a 2.7m shark whilst bodyboarding in Port Macquarie recently the weekend.

Dale suffered life-threatening injuries to his leg, back and stomach as well as losing 2.5 litres of blood.

The fact that Carr survived is a miracle but its also incredible that Carr’s first communication with friends and family after the ordeal was in defence of the shark.

Shark attack victim Dale Carr with his wife Trish and two daughters. Image via Facebook.

He urged his Facebook followers to look at the ‘real story’, the story of human nature rather than getting angry at the shark and asking for it to be culled.

Carr’s rescuer was his mate Shane De Roiste who quickly swam to his friend’s aid and dragged him to shore, ultimately saving his life.

Mr Carr thanked the strangers who helped save his life on the beach as well as the ‘quick thinking doctors, nurses and paramedics’.

“The fact that there were random acts of kindness displayed by everyone on the beach that day who were passerby, others who had no obligation to assist is the real story.”