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Shane Warne & Liz Hurley: Is he punching above his weight?

We don’t usually post gossipy stories but this one is unusual in that it’s a celebrity collision between the worlds of sport and gossip. And sport gossip. Usually, when there is a big celebrity story, men are not interested in discussing it. “Angelina what? Oh who cares.”

But with this one, I’ve noticed over the past few days it’s the MEN who keep bringing it up. Maybe the idea of Shane Warne sleeping with Liz Hurley gives them hope that they too may one day have sex with someone like her. Or actually her. has put together the pair’s Twitter conversations:

So many people keep saying “Why WOULD she?” but I totally get it. Not because I would like to be in her high heeled shoes (at ALL) but because outside of Australia, Shane Warne doesn’t have the….let’s say subtext that he has here. Some use the word bogan. I choose to say subtext. Think about it. In the UK, Warne is a total legend. A larrikan. Irreverant. Charming. Charismatic. Tanned. You can just imagine him being confident enough to punch above his weight and literally charm the knickers off Liz Hurley.

Of course the loser in this story is Simone – his long suffering former wife and former partner who has taken him back again and again and is no doubt now having the word “enough” tattooed on her forehead.

Have you ever punched above your weight? Is there even such a thing? Can you see how the Liz/Shane thing might have happened?