Shane Warne is single, ladies.


Shane Warne is single again.

And he wants us all to know.

The fast-bowler-turned-Ken-Doll and English Playboy model Emily Scott, 30, have split after four months together.

So Warney has talked to Doctor Twitter about it:

A newly-divorced Shane met Emily in 2006, and it sounded like love at first sight. “I was launching my poker company and (Emily) was a model hired on the night. I said hello and she gave me doughnuts and I hadn’t really seen her since except just a few hellos here and there.”

Doughnuts. Warney got doughnuts.


After splitting with Liz Hurley in February, Shane asked Emily to DJ at an event (she describes herself as a ‘DJ/Producer/Model/Actress/Host’) a few months ago, and it was ON. In their four months together, the couple travelled the globe, hung out with Shane’s kids, and probably sat next to each other on the couch and tweeted one another.

Sadly, their relationship is over.

But they’ll always have Twitter. 160 characters of sweet, sweet memories.


Shane. So much topless. So much tan.

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