The Today Show called Shane Warne "creepy" - and he's absolutely furious about it.

What started with five little words, three exclamation points and a kiss has ended up a pretty big headache for former cricketing legend and eyebrow-raising Instagram user Shane Warne.

Over the weekend Warnie left a comment on a post by model Emily Ratajkowski that led to him being labelled a “creepy uncle” on breakfast television, birthed a social media campaign for her to “give him a go”, a potential lawsuit and re-connected him with former flame Liz Hurley.

Confused? Let us strip it all back for you and walk you through it all.

Over the weekend, the Internet went into over drive after Shane Warne seemingly innocently (?) commented on model Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram photo.

“Stunning day in London!!!! Enjoy,” he wrote.

And well! Didn’t the old Australian form of patriotism kick in then, with fans of Warne flying his flag and taking to Ratajkowski’s profile urging her to #GiveShaneAGo.

When the Today Show caught wind of the trending term, they brought it to the panellists of the show's Sunday Jury to get a sense of how they perceived the interactions to be.

And for Warne, they seemed to be the harshest kind of judge, jury and executioner.

Referring to the cricketing great as a "creepy uncle who hugs too tight," The Today Show enraged Warne, igniting a barrage of angry tweets coming from his account and the threat of a lawsuit.

Rubbish journalism, he called it. Single and happy and just fine, he says.

A few hours later, Warnie felt like perhaps his point wasn't clear enough. This time, "it's lawyer time."

So what's a guy to do when he has friends in high places and Aussie breakfast television is talking about his social media activity as if it's national discourse and a inside joke? Call up said friends. Enter Piers Morgan.

But one character reference is certainty not enough. Let's call in some more friends-in-high-places, even if you did happen to be engaged once.

Welcome, Liz Hurley to the drama that is Shane Warne's social media activity versus much of Australia. And Liz Hurley wants you know she's on team Shane Warne, thanks very much.

Lucky for "The Big Blonde", Luna came to his defence. Because there's nothing like an old flame giving the all clear for a new one to take her place.

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