Real Housewives of Melbourne star Lydia Schiavello has something to say about her Shane Warne "romance."

It seems Warney may be at it again…or not, according to his latest romantic link Lydia Schiavello.

Rumours started circulating recentey that married Schiavello and Shane Warne were having an affair.

Lydia is an ambassador of Warne’s (now defunct) foundation, and it seems that this position is what led to her being linked romantically to him.

Having said that, the rumours did begin with Real Housewives of Melbourne newbie Susie McLean tying the two of them together in public…

Lydia hit out at the rumours to AAP, saying “I have no idea what her problem is…I am really shocked…Hence why I don’t have much to say to her.”

Lydia and her husband. Image via Facebook @lydiaschiavellomelbourne.

She also rightly pointed out that a rumour like that has the potential to derail her marriage.

And Warney, if you ever think about booty calling this Real Housewife, don’t.

She told the AAP that if he ever did, she’d “slap him in the face.”

Of course, Shane Warne is no stranger to rumours, affairs, and high profile relationships.

Video via Channel 10