Meet Shammi. The 'prankster' who dragged his girlfriend Sarah down the street.

This is Shammi:

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Shammi lives on the Gold Coast. He likes to film himself pulling pranks on his girlfriend, Sarah Reay-Young.

This is Sarah:

It’s Friday bitches????✌???? A photo posted by Sarah Reay-Young (@sarahry91) on Nov 19, 2015 at 10:08pm PST

Shammi’s pranks on his girlfriend include rubbing raw chicken in her eyes, pulling chairs out as she’s about to sit on them and waking her with an airhorn. He’s also smashed eggs in her face and pushed her into a river.


What a guy.

Sometimes Sarah likes to pull pranks on Shammi. Like ramming him with a shopping trolley, slapping him in the face unexpectedly, putting dog poo in his food and snapping a mousetrap on his groin.


Over the weekend, Shammi uploaded a new video to YouTube. In this video, Sarah was asleep on a couch. She was having a nap because she went out the night before. Shammi wasn’t invited to go out with Sarah, so he decides to tie a rope to the couch and drag the couch down the street with his ute.

Sarah screams, “No! No! Please stop!”. Shammi laughs. When Shammi takes a corner and the couch swings wide, Sarah is thrown off. She gets a graze on the back of her leg. Shammi says, “Well, that’s why you shouldn’t sleep during the day.”

Good times.

woman thrown from couch edit
Images via YouTube: ShammiTV.

Shammi has also filmed a police officer responding to calls from Shammi’s neighbours after they heard Sarah’s screams. The police officer calmly explains that the neighbours were concerned for Sarah’s safety.

Shammi describes himself as an entertainer. He says, “I love making people laugh and that’s why I make silly videos. My aim is to motivate others to reach their personal goals in life. If I can make one person smile from my posts, then I am a happy man :)”

Sometimes people on his page point out that the pranks seem brutal for people apparently in a caring relationship, but, you know, those people who don’t really like his videos are “miserable c*nts” according to his followers. Shammi says “haters gon’ hate”.


You can watch the series of pranks below. Post continues after video…

Regardless, I still have some questions for Shammi. Because, YOLO.

1. A prank is a well-played trick. Sorry. That isn’t a question. But if you can use the word “prank” to mean “assault”, I can use the word “question” to mean “statement of fact that might be helpful to clear up some confusion”.

2. Do you remember a TV show in 2001 called Jackass where guys pulled pranks and did stunts and teen boys thought it was hilarious and then a 16-year-old set his friend on fire and everyone stopped talking about it? Supplementary question: Do you know what year it is?

3. When your girlfriend screams “No! No! Please stop!”, does that make you feel motivated to achieve your goals? Do you think it helps other people to achieve their personal goals in life?

On a completely unrelated note, watch women reveal the moment they knew it was time to end their relationships. Post continues after video…

4. If someone doesn’t invite you on a night out, is the appropriate response dragging them down the street until they are injured? I’m asking for a friend.

5. If someone is assaulted, hurt, upset or otherwise injured as a result of the action of another person, do you think it should be a defence for yelling: “IT’S A PRANK, YO! THE CAMERA IS ON!”?

6. If the police decide not to respond to a call out because it might be an “internet prankster” making his girlfriend scream like she is in fear for her life, do you think maybe you might feel a bit less-than-positive about your life choices?

7. If neighbours decide not to call the cops when they hear a woman screaming because it might just be another “internet prankster” “pranking” his girlfriend by dragging her down the street until she is injured, is that… Actually, this is not a question either. You get that. It is a really messed up thing, right?

Your neighbours cared about your girlfriend enough to call the police to come and help her and your reaction was to film the officer who responded because you thought that would be funny. That isn’t a prank. Those are the actions of someone who doesn’t think about the way that his actions might affect other people.

But YOLO, right?

*Featured photo from Instagram: @Shammi_Ltd

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