People were asked to reveal their secretly shallow reasons they wouldn't date someone.

Dating is hard at the best of times.

Not only do you need to find somebody who gets you but you have to find somebody who knows Lynx is not an acceptable perfume.

It’s. Hard. You. Guys.

A community of anonymous daters have come together to share the shallow reasons they wouldn’t date somebody.

The strange but sometimes valid reasons were aired on Reddit after one user posed the question:

“What’s a shallow reason you wouldn’t date someone?”


The Nose Knows

“I broke up with a girl once because I didn’t like her natural smell.”

“If she smells bad.”

“I dated a girl who consistently smelled like pancakes. At first it was cool, I love pancakes anyways. But after a couple dates the smell started to get to me. Eventually I started getting nauseous. So I stopped calling her.”

Orang-you Gonna Call Me Back?

“Fake tan. I find them very unattractive.”

Stylish is Sexy

“If he dresses like a slob. I’m not saying he has to dress super stylish but if all he wears is gaming/meme t-shirts and cargo shorts then I’m not interested in dating them.”

“If they show up to a date without at least trying to look nice.”

kim kardashian's phone
But what if your selfies are perfectly lit and fabulous? Source: Instagram.


"If they take too many selfies."

"If they care more about what social media sees them as rather than people looking directly at them, face to face."

All For The Forehead

"I broke up with a girl cause her forehead was too big. I actually measured it when she fell asleep next to me on the couch one day. Was a solid 5 head, I didn't even notice until I jokingly measured it that day."

Chewie is Only Cute For Chewbacca

"If they chew with their mouth open. I don't want to be sitting across from someone for thousands of meals and have to deal with that."

"Eats like a fucking animal. Making sounds, getting foodhands and then touching me. So gross."


Can't Cuddle? Can't Date

"I dumped the last dude I was dating because he had no interest in cuddling. Why date someone who doesn't enjoy cuddling?"

Mummy Issues

"You could be the girl of my dreams, I'm not dating you if you have the same name as my mum."

Tatted Up Turn-Offs

"I find tattoos extremely unattractive."

Browsing for Brows

"Those freaky-deaky, f--ked up eyebrows. Where some chicks shave them off entirely and pencil or tattoo on these perpetual furrowed-looking brows, or make them massive. I find it truly repugnant."

No Job? No Deal

"I wouldn't date someone who didn't have a job (I'm 29)."

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