Let us introduce you to the shirt-jacket hybrid you'll want to own right now.

When the weather is in this strange, transitional period between summer and winter (otherwise known as autumn), it's hard to know what to wear.

We can't delve straight into our favourite coats and puffer jackets just yet, but it's also too cold to keep our arms bare. So, that's where transeasonal pieces come in handy.

The term transeasonal suggests clothing that you can wear in between the two extremes: hot and cold weather. So when it's not quite either, you can reach for these pieces.

This year, there are a few popular transeasonal pieces including the much-loved trench coat, oversized blazers, and now, the "shacket".

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Thicker than your average shirt but thinner than your winter coat, a shacket is the perfect outer layer for autumn. 

They come in a range of materials like denim, wool, corduroy and canvas, and a variety of colours and checkered prints.

Earlier this year, the shacket became popular in the UK and Europe during their cooler months. So thankfully, there is plenty of style inspo for us to channel.

Here's a bunch of ways fashionable women have been wearing the shacket.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to wear a shacket.

They are casual enough to chuck on top of activewear, but also dressy enough to be worn to the office or on a night out. Plus, you can belt it in at the waist to give yourself some more shape.


Now, if that's convinced you that you need to get your hands on one, here are five you can shop now.

Kmart Teddy Shacket, $35.

Image: Kmart. Cotton On Curve Shacket, $69.99.

Image: Cotton On. 


Zara Corduroy Overshirt, $69.95.

Image: Zara. 

Sportsgirl PU Shacket, $89.95.

Image: Sportsgirl. 

Forever New April Curve Check Shacket, $139.99.

Image: Forever New. 


Which shacket is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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