'Nailing the perfect reverse park': 26 women on the low-key sexy things their partners do.

It might be the way your partner stirs the pot. Not figuratively, how they literally stir a wooden spoon around a big bowl of bolognese that’s about to be served up for dinner. Slowly. Lovingly.


One minute you’re chopping veggies and the next you’re watching them stir that pot like is it hot in here? Why am I so flustered?

Okay. Maybe that’s just us.

We asked Mamamia readers to share the things their significant others do that are unexpectedly sexy. You know, the can’t-put-your-finger-on-it kinda sexy. Here’s what they revealed.

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“When he’s reading a book (not a magazine or Kindle but a real book). And giving the dog a bath.” – Georgie.

“So the other morning I woke up with period pain and my boyfriend went downstairs and got me a hot water bottle and Panadol and it was honestly the hottest thing.” – Clare.

“Cooking. And not measured cooking. Chaotic cooking. Also, hanging anything in the house.” – Carmarlena.

“When you find them chatting to your mum or dad without you there and you look at them from afar and it’s just the cutest scene to spy on.” – Eleanor.

“When she brings my coffee in bed on the weekend.” – Alana.

“Talking with authority during work calls when it’s not his natural tone. Hello hot man.” – Charlotte.

“Getting up to the baby in the night.” – Cassie.

“When he takes his shirt off head first. Like kind of pulls it over with two hands from the backside of the collar.” – Gemma.


“When they execute a perfect reverse parallel park.” – Melody.

“He rocks coveralls and a hard hat better than anyone else. Very tradie-chic.” – Kate.

“Makes dinner AND cleans up. Boom.” – Amy.

“When they do that thing when they put their hand on the back of the passenger head rest while reversing into a parking spot.” – Jess.

“The other night I was stressing about assignments and my last week of uni and I told my boyfriend that all I wanted was some pork buns and honey chicken. The next day I was working on uni assignments (still very stressed) and he had ordered me that for lunch.” – Emma.

“When he tells you he put a sign on the fence for the delivery guys to leave your online orders so they don’t get sent to the post office.” – Kee.

“When he’s just had a swim in the ocean and then wraps a towel around his hips to get changed. Something about that is so…yep. Hot.” – Tamara.

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“Basically when they’re not giving you attention. My ex used to meditate.” – Jess.

“Coming back with a treat from the shop when you told him you didn’t want anything.” – Elise.

“When he grabs your face and just plants a kiss either on your forehead or top of your head… like super comforting and sexy at the same time.” – Claire.

“Packing. My husband is a king of packing.” – Kenzi.

When they roll up their sleeves for #forearmporn.” – Maddie.

“Just the fact that he can fix anything and everything around the house.” – Tess.

“Getting something down from a high shelf for me. Such ease.” – Sam.

“Flipping a tea towel over his shoulder before cooking. But maybe that’s just about the imminent food…” – Belinda.

“Starting the lawn mower first go.” – Sunny.

“When they wear glasses. I look like a book worm, he looks sexy.” – Jess.

“Being able to easily open a wine bottle with a cork screw. Something I am unable to do!” – Isobel.

What’s an unexpectedly sexy thing your partner does? Share yours in the comments.

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