NOT OK: If you work for this company, you've got to be pretty, dammit.

Something is very wrong when your employer starts mandating how you do your eyebrows.

France’s state-owned rail company, SNCF, recently handed out brochures to its employees regarding some new staff uniforms. So far, so good.

But here’s where things get ridiculous.

Inside the brochure was a chapter on “beauty tips” for female employees.

Yes – you read that correctly. Apparently, to be a good rail employee in France, you have to be pretty.

Now, to be fair, the brochure also included some grooming tips regarding beards and moustaches for the men.

But let’s compare that to some of the advice dished out to the women, which dictated that blush should be “pink for light skin and peach for darker complexions”, eyebrows should be “well-groomed” to “intensify your gaze” and lipstick must be “discreet beige to soft red”.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be fairly unimpressed if my boss tried to tell me exactly what shade of blush or lipstick I should wear.

In fact, it’s quite mind-blowing that the brochure actually went to print in 2014 without SOMEONE in the organisation thinking it might not be the best idea….

But what do you think?

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