Jessica Rowe speaks for the first time about being "boned."

“I think boned is a really demeaning, sexist and awful term.”

In 2006, while on maternity leave, Jessica Rowe’s contract at Channel 9 was cut short after a stint co-hosting The Today Show. It was widely reported by the media that Eddie McGuire, who was running the Nine Network at the time, said he wanted to ‘bone’ her.

As part of Mamamia TV’s new Resilience series, Jessica sat down with Shelly Horton to talk about how it makes her feel when she hears the word “boned” and the amusing way her daughters deal with it now.

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Happier now Jessica Rowe now co-hosts 'Studio 10'. She's pictured here with fellow co-host Ita Buttrose. Image via Instagram.

Jessica also talks candidly about growing up with her mentally ill mother and her own postnatal depression in the hope it will help other women.

You can watch highlights and the full interview here. 

 Watch more from Mamamia TV here. 

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