Here are 7 of the sexiest movies on Netflix right now.

Have we got a treat for you.

We’ve rounded up the sexiest, sex-filled sex movies on Netflix so you can get a-watchin’, either on your own, or in a group setting of two or more… it’s up to you really.

Here they are, there’s a lil’ something for everyone:

Cruel Intentions

sexiest movies netflix
Cruel Intentions is the steamy 90's thriller that made us all fantasise about Ryan Phillipe and... and... escalators. Image via Universal Pictures.

Oh heck yes.

Ryan Phillippe.

Reese Witherspoon.

Sarah Michelle Geller sniffing cocaine out of a tiny crucifix.

An escalator.

And a very sexy - yet emotive - song by The Counting Crows.

Cruel Intentions is the steamy 90's thriller that made us all fantasise about Ryan Phillipe and... and... escalators throughout our teenage years and it's well worth a revisit now that we're all fully fledged adults.

Be still our motherflippin' beating hearts.

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Original Sin

Original Sin stars Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas. Enough said.

OK... here's a little bit more.

The movie follows the story Luis (Baderas) a man who sends for an American mail order bride (Jolie). When she turns up she looks nothing like her plain photo (hint: she looks like Angelina Jolie) and Luis soon discovers she's hiding something.

It's a sinister, steamy historical romp that you're sure to love.


Obsessed is like an updated version of the classic 80's flick Fatal Attraction.


Except... except this one stars Queen Bey herself.

The basic synopsis is a bloke who is married to Beyonce sleeps with an office temp and then said office temp attempts to destroy his life.

Yeah, it's basically the movie version of Becky with the good hair.


sexiest movies netflix
It's problematic but it's... it's also very, very steamy. Image via Netflix.

Adore is an Aussie film about two middle-aged women who fall in love with each other's teenage sons.

It's problematic but it's... it's also very, very steamy.

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts play the mums and Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville play the sons.

So wrong, so hot.

She's Gotta Have It

The Netflix reboot improves on the original.

When Spike Lee created She's Gotta Have It 25 years ago it was a revolutionary depiction of female sexuality and empowerment.

The movie follows the story of Brooklyn-based artist Nola Darling, who struggles to stay true to herself and her dreams while dividing her time between her friends, her job and her lovers - all three of them.

There's also a modern-day series based on the film streaming on Netflix now too, from which Spike Lee removed a controversial sexual assault scene that marred the original plot.

Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth is a sexy exploration of an affair between two women.

An engaged woman starts an affair with a roofer and their relationship threatens to tear their lives apart.

This R-rated movie is trending on Netflix at the moment, so it's sure to be extra steamy.

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The Client List

This one isn't about ghost whispering.

The Client List is the kind of movie no one ever asked for but everyone needs in their life.

It stars Jennifer Love-Hewitt as a married mum who turns to sex work when the family starts to experience financial hardship.

The movie was so popular (who knew) it got turned into a series with a slightly different premise.

In the series, Love Hewitt plays a mum who goes to work at a massage parlour where she gets paid a heck load of money to fulfill client's weird and wonderful fetishes/fantasies. That's on Netflix too.

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