"Harder Tara, bite it harder." A mature-aged sex worker on a day in her life.

Over the years, I have met some amazing clients and lasting friendships have evolved. Not those on a private booking level, ones on a higher level. Contact kept; mutual conversation sharing exciting moments of our daily lives. Spyder is one of those clients.

I had met first met Spyder years ago in a brothel I had worked for. I still remember our very first encounter. He was wheeling past me in his chair then stopped and looked back at me. He returned, introduced him- self as Spyder. He’s a very handsome man – dark hair, soulful eyes. Very strong upper body, as you would imagine.

Spyder had introduced himself to me and asked if I was new. I let him know it was my second visit.

‘Do you like it here Tara? Do you enjoy working here?’

‘Everyone seems nice, as nice as a bunch of strangers can be,’ I said, laughing.

‘Tara would you mind if I booked you?’

‘Not at all Spyder, it would be my pleasure.’ He went to the front desk and paid for an hour. All smiles, he brought back the envelope for me and I went to front desk to pick up the linen. Ground floor out the back – easy access with a larger floor space. Spyder led the way. He knew where he was going as he said he had been visiting for a few years now. I followed close behind and wondered what type of service we would be doing.

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Upon entry to the room he let me know that it wasn’t a sex booking. What he liked was nipple stimulation, and having legs tightened around his torso. And light choking. I was pretty sure I could manage all that. Positioning his chair at the corner of the bed, Spyder removed his shirt. Walking over to him I put my arms around his neck from behind, leaned over and started giving his neck and earlobe small bites. He rolled his head back, giving me easy access to anywhere my mouth wanted to travel. He let out some small moans and pulled me around to the side of his chair, before lifting my leg over his and settling me on his thigh. I had to be careful where I put my feet, as there were a few obstacles around the base of his chair.

I teasingly unbuttoned my blouse, and he buried his face into my breasts, searching for my nipple. I released my bra and let it fall, stepping away from him as I kicked my shoes off. Spyder hoisted himself up on to the bed. He kissed me in a very passionate manner, and then pushed me in the direction of his nipple. ‘Bite it, Tara.’ I grabbed his nipple in between my teeth and clamped down on it. I wasn’t too sure how hard to bite back in the early days.

‘Harder Tara, bite it harder’. My jaw shook with uncertainty. With Spyder’s direction I started to get a better indication of how far to go. So here I was, practicing on both of his eager nipples. Biting down and sucking hard. He explained that the sensation to him would be similar to the sensation that sex gives for others. That’s what the nipple stimulation and the nipple pain did for him. Hurting but in a good way.


There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. It is not as simple as it sounds. To get the required sucking that is needed to stimulate it fully is no easy feat. It took a lot out of my own mouth to get that kind of suction. Once I even gave myself a blood blister inside my mouth from the effort.

‘Spit on it Tara’, Spyder said in a whisper.

sex in a wheelchair
Tara recounts her experiences in her latest book: Behind Closed Doors. Image: New Holland Publishers.

Spitting and licking seemed to bring on the same sexual arousal as the biting. It was a never-ending education in the lives of those around us.

As I changed positions to try something else I touched his foot.

‘Wow. They’re freezing. Did you want me to rub them for you?’

‘It’s okay, I can’t feel them. They’re always cold. They get little or no circulation.’

I delicately perched myself on top of him just above the waist. I didn’t want to damage anything he couldn’t feel. Spyder assured me it was okay, but I still had my doubts. Next, I locked my legs around his waist, and squeezed as hard as I possibly could. Spyder moaned and groaned in pure delight and seemed to love every minute of it. I tightened my legs again and squeezed his nipples between my fingernails. This was such hard work on your leg muscles. Who would have thought?

‘How long are you here for Tara?’

‘A good couple of weeks.’

‘I would really like to see you again.’ We did strike up a good rapport. Time was ticking away on our booking, so we made the most of the time we had left, followed by a nice chat after the booking had ended and the room re-made.

I walked him out to the front door and Spyder was on his way home.

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