SEX DIARIES: 'I was dying to sleep with my colleague. Then he invited me to his hotel room.'

I had always fantasised about an office romance.

It would start with some light flirting in the lunchroom, and witty banter by the water cooler. 

Before long, after-work drinks would get out of control, and very soon his hand would be on my thigh. Followed by a wet mouth on my lips. 

Then we would have crazy hot sex sprawled out on his desk, in the supply closet, on top of the printer and up against the elevator. 

But that’s all just fiction, right? The stuff of TV shows and movies. 

At least that’s what I thought. 

Until it happened to me. 

In the very best way possible. 

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I was on a work trip. Two weeks around Australia, jumping from city to city until it was all just a blur. I could barely remember where I was when all we saw were hotel rooms. 

Yet one stuck out. 

Because of him.

Oscar was in a different team, a different department, an entirely different role.

But I’d noticed him.  

With short dark hair, rough stubble across his jaw, and the kindest eyes I’d ever seen with just a hint of danger, he was exactly my type. 

Back in the office, we’d pass each other in corridors, exchanging a cheeky glance. 

I’d refill my drink bottle a hundred times a day just on the off chance I’d bump into him. But beyond a few flirty sentences, there wasn’t really a reason for us to talk. 

Until the work trip. 

Spending every day together – albeit amid the company of 20 other employees – gave us the time to chat. 

And the sexual chemistry was palpable. 


But who was going to make the first move when we were constantly surrounded by our work mates? 

And then we got a night off. 

I think we were in Melbourne (although it could very well have been Brisbane or even Adelaide for all I can remember) when we checked into our hotel and realised that we all had spa baths in our rooms. 

After a week on the road, excitement shot through the roof. It was everything we needed. 

And the ultimate ice breaker for Oscar and I. 

It was a passing comment, whispered quietly while we were getting our bags off the bus.  

"You should come round for a spa," he said, as if it was a perfectly normal suggestion between colleagues. 

"Sure," I agreed, as if 'spa' was somehow less intimate than the word bath. 

Picking up his key card from reception, he shot me back a look. 

"Room 303."

By the time I’d lugged my suitcase up to my suite, I knew I was in trouble. 

But I just couldn’t resist.  

I had wanted this for so long. 

And now here we were, in one of the best hotels in whatever city we were in. With a spa bath. And bubbles. And, dare I even think it, romance. 

It was just like a movie. 

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So I unpacked my bikini and left the safety of my room, tiptoeing down the corridor to his door. 

There was no turning back now. 

I knocked quietly, my heart racing, and slipped in when he opened it a crack. 

We both knew it wouldn’t be good if we got caught. 

"Hey," he said, once I was inside. "How awesome are these rooms?"

But I was distracted. 

From the bedroom, I could hear the tub filling up, the hot water cascading in. 

Peering into the bathroom, the bubbles rose up over the rim of the spa. 

I swallowed hard. 

I could do this. 

"I brought my bikini," I said smiling, as if this was still a casual hangout with a work friend. 

"Great," he replied. "I’ll let you get changed."


In privacy that seemed utterly unnecessary, I slipped off my office dress and tied up my bathers. 

Stepping into the bath, I sunk down beneath the bubbles, before Oscar suddenly reappeared in the doorway. 

Scooting to one side, I quickly covered myself with white foam, while he placed two glasses of champagne on the ledge. 

Pulling off his own clothes, he asked if I would mind if he was nude. Being a bath and all.

I laughed nervously and waved him in. 

Covering himself with two big hands, Oscar sat down in front of me, before dragging those bubbles back across the tub with a big grin on his face. 

Somehow, through the steam, partial nudity and a glass of fizz, we chatted, enjoying each other’s company in private for the first time. 

And then suddenly, Oscar was moving his head towards me. 

My blood raced as I prepared for this moment.

As his lips finally reached mine, the world disappeared. 

Leaning over my body, his hand slipped down beneath the water, before pushing my bikini bottoms aside. 

Without taking his mouth off me, he slid his fingers in. 

I groaned against his tongue as he thrust in and out, while rubbing his thumb hard over my clit. 

Glancing down, I finally noticed that the bubbles had disappeared, allowing me to see straight through the water. 

He looked rock hard and ready. 

"Do you want to move to the bed?" he smiled.

Pulling me up and out of the bath, Oscar wrapped his fluffy white towel around me before leading me through to the bedroom. 

Lying down on his massive king-sized bed, we lost ourselves in the sheets while his mouth explored every part of me. 

Then slowly, Oscar lowered himself on top of my body, taking his time to push deep inside. 

Pleasure rushed through me as he kissed along my neck. 

Throwing my head back into the mountain of pillows, I let myself be consumed, as he drove faster and harder.

Nothing had ever felt as good as this forbidden sex.

But just to be sure, we did it again. Fast and hard up against his hotel room door, before I snuck back to my own room. 

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