Sex while pregnant, the results are in.

Everyone says all you want is sex when you’re pregnant. But do you?

Pregnancy hormones are pretty fickle. Either they are making you cry at the puppy on the TV rolling around with toilet paper.

Or they make you want to throw something at your partner for putting the fork the wrong way in the dishwasher.

Or it makes you one horny mum-to-be. Or…it makes you never want to have sex again.

And because we are all different (particularly when it comes to our bedroom antics while pregnant), we loved this mini-study that did on the sex habits of their pregnant readers.

This is what sex while pregnant is really like.

46% were crazy for sex. “I wanted my husband morning, noon, and night,” one woman told Obstetrician Lauren F. Streicher, M.D., author of Love Sex Again, says, “Some women are very sexual, highly orgasmic, and their sex is better than ever during pregnancy.” But the reverse can happen with Dr. Streicher continuing, “They just don’t feel sexy, they may be uncomfortable… there’s just no universal.”

The places to have sex…pretty much every room in the house. The shower, car, deck and kitchen bench top being among the favourites. As for outside the home, the popular ones were: the park, movie theatre, fitting rooms in a shop, hotel balcony and on a four-wheeler in a field. One couple told that they had sex in a doughnut delivery truck.

George Costanza, apparently the man on every pregnant woman's fantasy.

As for fantasies while pregnant, women daydreamed about another partner including their ex, their neighbour, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and even George Costanza. One of the pregnant women disclosed that they fantastised about doing the deed with a doctor mid-exam. Some pregnant women fantasied about threesomes and according to the confessions, a few acted on them.

11% felt sexy enough to take a nude photo. And 2% hit the record button to make a homemade sex tape. And 7% did both.

42% confessed to trying out the myth and had sex to bring on labour. 

Almost everyone had eyes only for their man. One woman said, "I felt such a magical connection to my partner because I was carrying his child".


As for the type of sex pregnant women enjoyed, many kept it the same as non-pregnant sex. But some mixed it up with doing new positions and getting a bit rougher between the sheets.

And when it came to the sex position they preferred, these are what made the list. Spooning. Woman-on-top. Doggy style (as the bump grew). One woman said, "I fell in love with doggy style because it not only took the pressure off my growing belly but it left his hands free to give me some much-needed other simulation."

And sex toys, vibrators and sexy lingerie were all in as well. "I asked my doctor if it was okay to use my vibrator, being as far along as I was, and he said, 'If it feels good, do it!' And so I did!", one mum-to-be disclosed.

Nearly half of women said their orgasms were better while pregnant. One woman said, "my whole body was more sensitive", and another said, "my orgasms were so intense that I cried and even drooled! It was so much stimulation, happy tears just started coming out of me!".

"I didn't want my husband near me!" One pregnant woman said, agreeing with 23% that they didn't want any sex. At all.

As for unexpected outcomes, women reported that leaking breasts were something they didn't think about. "Several times my hubby would suck on my breasts and get colostrum. Once it shot the back of his throat so hard it made him choke!" one woman said. And one woman described orgasming so hard that she thought her water broke, when in fact she had peed herself.

And finally, many woman said that pregnant sex gave them a new lease on sex in their marriage - sticking with the new positions they tried, or having more threesomes once the baby was born.

Want to add anything to the list?

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