"It does nothing for me": 24 women share the thing they simply would not do in the bedroom.

Between consenting adults, there’s really no right or wrong way to have sex.

As the saying goes, there’s different strokes for different folks, but what’s important is you and you partner are having a good time.

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The key is figuring out what turns you on. Practice is perfect, and the more sex you have, the more you learn about what you like… and what you 100 per cent do not.

In the spirit of sharing, we asked 24 women to tell us the one thing they absolutely would not do in the bedroom, whatever the reason.

Whether it makes them feel uncomfortable or they just don’t get the turn on, here’s what they said.

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1. “Anything involving wee or poo, I’m out.”

2. “I wouldn’t recommend eating Nutella off someone…”

3. “I respect different tastes, but I wouldn’t pretend to be an animal during sex. I just don’t get it.”

4. “Dirty talk – I thought I’d be into using derogatory terms but this one guy called me a slut during sex and I immediately burst into tears.”

5. “Anything with food in the bedroom. It’s yuck, I’d totally just be thinking about the clean-up.”

6. “Maybe I’m a prude, but I ain’t going down on you if you haven’t showered in the last 24 hours. Actually, make that 10 minutes.”


7. “I would never invite a third person into the bedroom. I chose my partner because I like the idea of monogamy and sex counts as well. I don’t care how ‘woke’ it is – you do you – but it’s not for me.”

8. “Unless you’re wearing a condom, we are not having sex.”

9. “I don’t like receiving oral in the bedroom. I like it in other locations for the excitement because it gets me on edge, but it’s a little boring in the bedroom and I don’t enjoy it.”

10. “I could never peg my partner. I don’t judge anyone else who does it, but it has absolutely not appeal to me!”

11. “I would do pretty much anything, except choking. Absolutely no way, no form of choking/strangling.”

12. “Shower sex. I love the idea of it but it literally never goes to plan so why bother?”

13. “69. I can’t for the life of me enjoy receiving oral when I’m trying to give good oral at the same time. Just not possible.”

14. “Videotape it. No one needs to see that.”

15. “I don’t think there’s much I wouldn’t do, with the right person.

16. “Golden showers are a big nooooooooo from me.”

17. “I wouldn’t watch brutal or hardcore porn, alone or with my partner. I have once before and it made me feel awful.”

18. “Even if my partner really wanted me to, I couldn’t bring myself to suck their toes.”

19. “No butt stuff. It’s not my thing.”

20. “I don’t like swallowing. Rather, my body doesn’t because I gag just thinking about it.”

21. “I’ve never been asked this but anything scat (Google it). I can’t get past the unsanitary aspect.”

22. “Rimming – both giving and receiving.”

23. “I hate going on top and I avoid it at all costs! Does nothing for me.”

24. “Wearing a collar and letting Carol Baskin walk me around like a wild cat.”

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