Meet Paige Gregory. She's 22, lives in Brisbane and her full-time job is testing sex toys.

There could be few people on earth who enjoy as much job satisfaction as Paige Gregory. The 22-year-old Brisbane woman makes her living as a professional sex toy tester.


The university graduate works for an online retail company called Lovehoney, where its her job to give products the green light before they earn a listing on the site. She’s lost count of the number of devices she’s put through the paces, but they range from your average top-drawer gear to more, well, niche products.

“One of the strangest things I’ve seen is a twerking butt,” she told, “It’s basically a male masturbator with controls and thrusts up and down.”

So what makes a good bedroom aid? “One, it has to be quality,” she said. “Two, it has to be quiet so it’s discreet. And three, it has to be waterproof.”

You know, for, erm, cleaning purposes.

Gregory, who has a degree in business management, landed the role in 2014 after spotting an ad on Seek. Curious, but not entirely serious, she applied, and it’s been her nine-to-five ever since.

“It’s such a friendly team, I love it. And the free goodies are obviously a bonus,” she said.

According to, her boyfriend and her family are completely supportive of her unconventional gig, and even her Nan has shown an interest. Of course, it’s her friends that tend to reap the biggest benefits.

“A lot of my girlfriends ask advice on vibrators and what the best models are,” she said, “They say, ‘Sorry, I know this is your work’, but I’m happy to help.”

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