She makes $27K a year doing a job most of us are doing for free.

Best job ever?

A woman in the UK has been making international headlines after she revealed in an interview that she is a sex toy tester.

Cara Houiellebecq, 33, spends 7 hours a week testing various erotic toys, and earns about $27,000 a year for the privilege.

Oh, and that money is on top of the 15 orgasms she has a week.

Having once worked at a sex-toy company, Houiellebecq decided to start a blog a couple of years ago, on which she would test and review sex toys. She told The Mirror:

“Gradually my reviews became more and more prolific and I was noticed by a sex toy company who wanted me to work for them. Now manufacturers and sellers will ask if they can send stuff to me because so many people read my reviews.”

She also gets to pose for awesome photos like this, where she looks serious and holds a notebook while sitting next to dildos:

“I could have a normal 9 to 5 job,” she says. “In fact, I’ve had plenty of them in the past, but why not do this? It’s much more fun. Much more exciting and interesting. I’m the envy of my friends and it’s just a brilliant job to do.”

Watch Houiellebecq tell her story here:

Change career paths immediately.

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