“I’ve never tried a sex toy before. This was my first.” Mamamia reviews 'The Rose' sex toy.

On the hunt for a new sex toy? Unsure what to go for and whether or not you need a newly fandangled suction element? Well, BREATHE. Because the Mamamia sex toy reviews are here to help. We get real women to get real intimate with real sex toys and then tell us about them.

This week Keira, who is a 27-year-old living in Australia, reviews 'The Rose' - a precision tip bullet vibrator - by Vush Stimulation

So, introduce us to 'The Rose' bullet vibrator...

After reading a little bit about the brand, I’ve learnt that this bullet vibrator is so much more than just a sex toy. 

Okay that was weird. But I’m going to quickly move past the Rowan Atkinson meme in a sex toy review and tell you about Vush. When I say that Vush is more than a sex toy brand, I mean that the company is looking at the bigger picture too and aims to change perceptions and break social stigmas around female sexuality.

We know that female pleasure is a feminist, self-love act in itself, but to see that reflected - and championed - by the very tool which we use, is super re-affirming. 

As someone who has never tried a sex-toy before, it was really nice to use a brand that spoke to so many values I already hold, it felt comforting and empowering. 


I’m not really sure why I haven’t used sex toys before, perhaps I was a little intimidated, but when the opportunity came to try this, I instantly felt comforted by the brand’s ethos.

Now, let’s get into the review of my sex-toy debut!

What does the sex toy claim to do? 

The Rose is a precision tip bullet vibrator with 10 unique settings for ultimate personalisation. It promises incredible and breathtaking orgasms and says it will ‘take you to new heights of pleasure.’ 

It also claims to be the perfect toy for beginners and will help you figure out what feels best for your body. 

What was your first impression of the sex toy?

It’s SO CUTE. It has a sleek, neon pink design and looks like something I’d happily show off on my stationary shelf. No but seriously, it looks like some aesthetic and (oversized) pen or something. Somehow it’s so fun and playful but minimalist and elegant at the same time. 

Image: Supplied.

My favourite aspect of it is that there’s a love heart that lights up on the front when you’re using it. It’s the small details, okay?! It just made the whole experience all the more fun and self-lovey. 


One thing I will say is that I was slightly nervous that the 10 vibration settings would be too intense for a beginner like me, so I was keen to see what they felt like. 

How much is the sex toy? And do you think it’s worth it?

It’s $181 which is a super specific number and I’m not sure what that extra dollar is for but anyway. While this does seem quite expensive (other bullet vibrators start from just 20 bucks) - I think it’s totally worth it for two reasons:

  1. Vush calls this a ‘sexual wellness’ device which encapsulates the other benefits of the toy that aren’t purely orgasmic. Yep, using a toy like this should be as much as an investment to yourself as your skincare routine. If you’re willing to splash out serious dollars to get your face in check, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t consider investing in something like this that will provide huge benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing. Also your skin will GLOW so you might even cut down on your skincare spending. Win win.

  2. After using this toy, I’ve realised how versatile it is. It can be used for clit play, internal stimulation and also probably as a couples toy too (think all-over body teasing.) So you really could get away with just owning this one toy. In that respect, $181 for a multiple-use toy seems reasonable. 

What was it like using the sex toy? And how did it really feel?

It was effing delightful. I started using it just on my clit which was a bit of fun to do some foreplay with myself. The lower settings were great for this part as they weren’t too full on but just enough to start out. Also the precision-point of the toy means you can really hone in on *that exact spot* you want, for focused and targeted feels. 

Image: Supplied.

I also popped it inside me and lemme tell you… game changer! The 10 different settings really came into good use here as I could experiment with what felt the best. It was the perfect size for a beginner toy too. 

Hot tip: go with the irregular pulsation setting! This setting literally blew my mind because it replicated what sex is actually like. Sex typically isn’t just consistent bang bang bang (wow so eloquent), it’s more unpredictable - there will be intense thrusts and less-intense thrusts. So this mode really keeps you on your toes, you don’t know what sensation is coming next so the surprise element of it is super exciting. Warning: you will cum very quickly once you put it on in this setting!


Another thing that felt really good was putting the whole length of the vibrator along the length of my vulva. It created all over body tingles, highly recommend! 

Describe the sex toy in three words:

Sensual, exhilarating, versatile. 

Image: Supplied.

What score would you give the sex toy out of 10?


I absolutely loved this toy, but minus one point because it’s not super discreet as the vibrations are quite loud. Just make sure you’re home alone or have the shower running for this one!

This sex toy is best for people who want…

A great beginner toy while also supporting an amazing female-empowerment brand. 

Any final words?

If you’re also like me who’s gotten to the ripe old age of 27 without trying a sex toy. Just. Do. It. You won’t ever look back. 

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