The sex toy that can get you pregnant.

One small step for woman, and a few little steps for some men as well.

Oh look. There is now a sex toy that can get you pregnant.

The Semenette is in the shape of a penis, but has the added bonus of being able to hold Semen within a sterile tube inside it (which is great for women who are wanting to get pregnant without having sex with the owner of sperm and when they don’t want to involve doctors who charge thousands for IVF either.)

Semen is injected into the sterile area and when the time is right, a pump is used to *ahem* “release” the semen like this:

Note: this is squirting water, people.

For a more detailed explanation of how to use this, there is also a helpful instructional video (NSFW, though it is less risque than it could be).

The idea came from Owner, President and Creator of The Semenette, Stephanie Berman.

The Semenette site explains, “When Stephanie and her wife were in the process of trying to conceive it was their experiences with trying to get pregnant that sparked her desire to make a product of this kind available to women.”

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Previously, Stephanie and her partner had been forced to use products similar to a turkey baster.

Talking to Refinery29, Stephanie said, “”The only options other than going to a doctor’s office would be with a turkey baster or a needle-less syringe. We started using those types of things and quickly realized it was as awful as it sounds. There is nothing romantic or sexy and fun about trying to impregnate your wife with a turkey baster!”

The Semenette is aimed at lesbian couples, single women, and those with erectile dysfunction.

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But, more than this, Stephanie reiterated it’s really a product for everyone, “At the end of the day, this is a pleasure product; it’s a product that can provide pleasure for an individual or for a couple.”

And, it’s a product we can absolutely get on board with.