A vagina reset: Why you should give your sex toy a break.

It's not often we hear about the downsides of female masturbation.

Because, quite frankly, it feels damn good. Self-satisfaction, increased libido and a better night's sleep are just some of the myriad of reasons to partake in the act. 

Well, today we're here to tell you that while you should masturbate as much as you want, whenever you want - it might be time to give that beloved vibrator tucked into your bedside drawer some much needed rest. 

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...Of course, feel free to ignore everything we say. 

However, there are some pretty compelling reasons to give your sex toy a good clean and tuck it back into its box for the time being. Reasons that your vagina and clitoris will thank you in the long run. 

Dead Vagina Syndrome. 

You may not have ever heard of this rather daunting term, and we wouldn't blame you. 

In essence, Dead Vagina Syndrome happens when a vibrator has been overused. You may be experiencing Dead Vagina Syndrome if you feel as though your vag has become numb, and you've lost sensation around the clitoris, or if you find it difficult to orgasm when previously the big-O has come with ease. 

Rest assured though, Dead Vagina Syndrome is a scary term that is used to describe a very normal and non-scary experience. But the act of your vagina becoming numb and losing sensitivity is a very real thing - and a common one if you use sex toys. 


While doctors say you can't really "overuse" a vibrator or a sex toy, if you have noticed during masturbating that the nerves that usually signal pleasure aren't coming off as strong as they typically do, then you need to listen up. 

This is your body telling you to do a "reset" on your vagina, and give it a break from the mechanical sex toys. 

Instead, use your trusty ol' hands and fingers, or perhaps a non-vibrational toy to get some tingly sensations that don't come from the head of a Womanizer (we still love it though).

If you do feel like you can't go all that long without your vibrator, challenge yourself for a day then another, and then another...

You won't even realise you'll have gone a few days or an entire week without giving into temptation. Typically, you'll find the pleasure to be heightened after going so long without a vibrator. 

It's a great feeling. *wink*

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When you do masturbate with toys, CLEAN THEM.

If you still want to use your vibrators, please make sure to clean them. Often.

Research shows sex toys are way less likely to be effective if they are not cleaned regularly and after every. Single. Use.

You may think it could sit in your drawer a few more days before you drag it under some soapy warm water - but here's a reality check: bacterial infections and STIs can occur as a result of unsanitary toys. 

So, please do your vagina a favour and clean your beloved vibrators and clitoral massagers. 

Not only will they last longer, but they will also feel stronger, more long lasting and fulfilling. 

Trust us.

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