'I've told my husband that I'm going on a "sex strike"'

Constance Hall is fed up with procreating.

She is done with the ravage each pregnancy wreaks on her body.

Done with the barrage of blood tests, the anal swabs, the constipation, the cracked nipples, the stitches in places no one wants stitches, the abdominal separation. Done with contraceptive pills. Done with abortions.

And, now, the mother of four is resorting to “drastic measures”.

In a Facebook post, the 32-year-old Perth blogger has publicly declared she is going on a “complete sex strike” until her husband had a vasectomy.

Hall – who has become famous for her frank posts about ‘parent sex’ and post-natal depression – has four children: one-year old twins, Rumi and Snow, four-year-old Arlo Love and Billie-Violet, 6.

She said the couple switched to using the “withdrawal method” after having Arlo, but then she became pregnant with twins.

“I know you’re scared to say goodbye to the little soldiers, your little warriors, your faithful army of conquerors, slaying, penetrating every egg in their path. They have served you well, babe. You should be really proud. But, really, it’s time,” she told her husband in the post, has attracted more than 30,000 likes in five hours and been shared 1500 times.

Watch as Jamila Rizvi explains the five things no one tells you about pregnancy (post continues after video):

“I am ignoring your penis until you get the snip. Not permitting it to brush past my leg in the hallway and when you talk about it I am going to start humming. Your penis is void in this relationship…”

“Because my body is done. It’s done reproducing and it’s done birth controlling. Your turn. Love, wifey.”

It certainly sounds like a surefire way to get some action on the vasectomy front…

*Featured image via Facebook/Constance Hall.

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