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VIRAL: There is a show called 'Sex Sent Me to the ER' and it is amazing.


There is an amazing show called ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER’, and it is literally just filled with true stories about people whose sexual misadventures sent them to the ER.

That’s it. And it’s glorious.

Currently in its second season on TLC, Sex Sent Me to the ER features interviews with real people who have embarrassing/shocking/bizarre sexual stories to tell. Sometimes it’s the couples themselves who tell the stories, and sometimes it’s the doctors and nurses who’ve seen some crazy shit while on the late shift.

But the best part of this show?

The sexual dramas are played out by actors in super-cheesy reenactments! It’s like Unsolved Mysteries but with missing dildos and lost condoms:

Some of the sexual incidents that sent people to the ER are straight-up weird. There was the guy who put his girlfriend’s head through a wall when losing his virginity:

There’s the couple who managed to have a major accident with gummi bears:

The girl who had a shocking vibrator incident in the middle of the supermarket:

And… Something called the ‘The Cow Incident’?

Sex Sent Me to the ER premieres in Australia on December 28 at 10pm, on TLC. Don’t pretend like you’re not going to put that in your diary immediately.

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