8 Instagram accounts about women's sexuality, sex and orgasms you need to follow now.

Instagram has become our go-to for entertainment, distraction and occasionally... education. While we usually classify that as 'educating' ourselves on the latest behind-the-scenes gossip on Farmer Wants A Wife, sometimes we do actually learn some important things on the gram.

And one thing you probably didn't realise you could upskill in while on your daily scroll is SEX.

Yes, sex

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There are hundreds of amazing sexual wellness coaches, sexologists and sex positive people on Instagram sharing an abundance of tips, tricks and insights into the wild world of bonking. 

So, to get you started on your gram-based sexual awakening, we've plonked our fave eight accounts that we reckon are more than worthy of a follow. 

Georgia Grace @gspot._

Image: @gspot._ 


Ahh, one of our forever faves. 

Georgia Grace is a certified sex coach from Australia and is an absolute champ when it comes to educating the masses on all things sex. She also loves to help with a sexual mythbuster or two on Mamamia, offering expert advice with a kind and caring tone. 

From explaining what ethical non-monogamy looks like, all the way to heavy (and important) discussions about the relationship between sex and mental health - Georgia is a must-follow for your own grown up sex education.

Future of Sex @futureofsex

Image: @futureofsex 

An Instagram supplement of the heralded Future Of Sex podcast, this account dives into exactly what it says on the tin: what does the future of sex look, sound, smell and feel like? Hosted and run by Bryony Cole, who is an advocate and disruptor in the sextech space, this account will teach you all about the possibilities of modern sex - and whether we should fear or celebrate AI entering our bedrooms. 

Listen to the first episode of Mamamia's brand new podcast, Sealed Section. Post continues after audio.

Flex Mami @flexmami

Image: @flexmami 


Digital content extraordinaire Flex Mami may not have sexual wellness listed as her main beat, but that doesn't mean we haven't all learnt a LOT from her. 

She was the first to declare her love online for The Womanizer, and has gone on to have candid chats about 'nutting' and recommend a bunch of brill sex toys. One to watch. Always.

Caitlin Stasey @caitlinstasey

Image: @caitlinstasey 

If this name rings a bell, it's probably because you were a devoted fan to a little known TV show called... The Sleepover Club. Yes, she is all grown and while she's still an Aussie actor, she's also dipped her toes into directing porn.


...But before you get any seedy images rudely popping up in your brain - not that type of porn. Caitlin champions feminist porn that prioritises female pleasure and consent above all else. She also has established a photographic series called Herself, that interview a wide range of women about sex, sexuality, pleasure and practically everything else.

Pleasure Seeker @itspleasureseeker

Image: @itspleasureseeker 

While they are predominantly a lube company, developing plant based arousal oil, Pleasure Seeker is also just a major visual vibe. 

From holographic tiles to playful catchphrases, it's just a seriously attractive Instagram account making sex look damn good.

Chantelle Otten @chantelle_otten_sexologist

Image: @chantelle_otten_sexologist 


Award winning sexologist and the brand new host of Mamamia's sex podcast, Sealed Section, is a master educator when it comes to sex. 

Listen: Mamamia's Sealed Section is coming back,  and this time, it's all about you! Post continues below audio.

Absolutely no topic is out of bounds with Chantelle, who strives to answer as many questions people have about sex as possible. So whether you're trying to navigate sex with your disabled partner for the first time or you have nada idea where your g-spot is, Chantelle can give you all the intel.

Par Femme @parfemme

Image: @parfemme. 

A marvy sex toy company that makes it their business to share incredible articles that educate their followers on everything from how to use kegel balls properly to the 'five circles of sexuality'. 

Ellie from Comfortable In My Skin @comfortableinmyskin_

Image: @comfortableinmyskin_ 


When someone has the following message in their Instagram bio, just follow them immediately please:

Did you know that labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world? HAPPINESS IS FLAPPINESS.

Need we say more?

What sex-posi Instagram accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Mamamia + Instagram.

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