The lengths parents go to for sex without getting caught by their kids.

Let’s just say, parents heart TV.

Sex and parenting only really works before the kids come.

Once they’re there, it’s all about the 5 minutes between the newborn needs a feed, the toddler waking up from nap time and the eldest’s TV show ending.

Any later and you are more than likely to be sitting your eldest down and explaining that “Mummies and Daddies sometimes like to wrestle”. Or worse, if it is too hot to have the bed sheet covering your business as they barge through the door.

And sure, locking the door might help. But seeing as though your kid knows how to unlock your passcode protected phone, it is only a matter of time before they can jimmy the lock.

So, how in fact do parents get those 5 minutes without relying on those rare breaks from Nan watching the kids for an hour. This is the question posed by a Reddit user, “How do you have sex without your kids knowing?”

And the responses are a mixture of funny and hilarious. Poor, poor parents.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery for the funny ways parents squeeze in sexy-time.

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