Four women share exactly what happened after having sex on the first date.

How often do we see stories of horror one night stands that amount to nothing more than a good story and the odd cringe of embarrassment? Too often.

So what about the one night stands that turned out to be far more than just one night?

We asked four women about their experience with one night stands, and their answers had one very familiar thread.

‘It wasn’t even a date’

“It wasn’t even an actual *date*… we slept together the very first time we met, which was at a concert with a bunch of mutual friends.

“To be honest, I didn’t think much of him at the time. He was cute and whatever, just not exactly my type. But I was 22, and enough vodka raspberries deep to not really care. Also, I hadn’t had sex in a really long time.

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“I didn’t really fancy him until we walked home from the concert to his place, and, well… yep. Within 20 minutes, we both knew it just clicked. We couldn’t stop talking about anything and everything. We liked the same music, had the same values, and had similar career aspirations. I also remember he held such great eye contact and had such a cheeky smile, which was a bonus.

“The sex wasn’t what I remember most about that night at all – it was the instant chemistry we had with each other.

“We were basically inseparable from that day. Now 24, we live together and are the definition of best friends.

“So when it comes to telling girls ‘don’t sleep with a guy on the first date’, I’ve got to say, I completely disagree. Do whatever the hell feels right in the moment – a real man won’t “judge you” for “giving it up” on the first night.”


‘Try before you buy’

“So, I met him on a night out. [Afterwards], I initially felt a bit of guilt because he was a lovely guy and I kind of liked him in the morning and wondered if I should have got to know him instead of just sleeping with him.

“But we ended up dating for four years!

“I think the stigma [around one night stands] is ridiculous. I would 100 per cent do it again. Imagine getting to know someone for weeks or months and then sleeping together and realising you have no sexual chemistry. Try before you buy… before you date even!”

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Cheater, cheater, cheater

"It wasn't a date at all, it was a mutual friend's birthday get-together at her house. When the party was dying down we ended up in the guest bedroom of the pool house trying to go at it. But he didn't have a condom so we texted the birthday girl asking for it and for her to deliver it into the room. (Very cringe worthy for my poor friend - but that's what friends are for, right?) When we managed to get the condom, he couldn't get it up #failedit, but we got somewhere in the end and had lame semi-erection sex. Ew.


"The stigma is definitely not warranted. If you have that chemistry and attraction, you both want it - go for it.

"We ended up dating and then being in a relationship for the next six years, where throughout the whole relationship he cheated on me, so he clearly didn't have a problem getting it up after that first time! All that cheating was kept so well hidden from me until two of the girls he cheated on me with came and told me.

"In the end the truth came out and I told his whole family... his parents definitely did not raise him to behave that way and basically I wanted to shame him to his family. Don't need to do it publicly because every body already knew he was a player  - except me. Recently he got married to someone who also 'gets around' herself. They are perfect for each other."

Wedding bells

"It started as just a one night stand.

"I felt fine about it - I really liked him and it's my choice what I do with my body. We ended up getting married!

"A woman's body is hers and if she wants to have sex for the sake of having sex then that's perfectly fine."

How have one night stands worked out for you in the past?