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The very good reason they should have had sex on The Bachelor tonight.

Because not all relationships are based on hand-holding.

It’s no secret that The Bachelor isn’t reeeeally like real life. Aside from the fact it’s based on one man dating 19 women, another big clue is that sex is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

Which is a bit weird, really.

This wasn’t always the case though. In season 1 of The Bachelor Australia, then Bachelor Tim Robards was given the option to spend a night in the “fantasy suite” with one of his three girlfriends (which he didn’t end up taking).

Tim Robards – not getting sex.

Since then, however, the option for the Bachelor to take one of his polygmous relationships to the next level appears to have been taken away from him. The fantasy suite is no more.

And I am aghast.

For the vast majority of people who are comfortable with sex before marriage, intimacy is a pretty significant factor in working out your compatibility with someone.

It’s not just the physical act itself, it’s everything that goes with it. The cuddles. The post-coital chats. Do they feel uncomfortable with ear biting? Any weird piercings?

The things that can only be worked out after having slept with someone.

This year’s Bachelor Sam Wood with frontrunner Lana. BUT WHO REALLY KNOWS IF THEY’RE ACTUALLY COMPATIBLE.

Now, I know The Bachelor is not like other relationships in the real world. I get that sex would be a whole lot more complicated on this show. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people would know exactly how it played out is a compelling reason for abstinence.

But if we are really to believe that Sam, and his three girlfriends, are looking for love, for the one person they might spend the rest of their life with, how could they possibly be expected to make an informed decision without having slept with them, if they so wish?

By casually side-stepping the whole ‘sex’ part of a relationship they’re implying that sex is inconsequential and a naughty act that must be hidden from the world.

Some hot and heavy hand-holding between Bachelor Sam Wood and Bachelorette Snezana.

Although I’m in no way endorsing indecent exposure, I think we can all accept that sex does happen sometimes, and often by people who are dating or in a relationship.

Even if the relationship in question is between one man and three women.

So Channel 10, please bring back the fantasy suite. For the Bachelor, for the bachelorettes.

For us.