SEX DIARIES: ‘I’d always fantasised about sex in public. On Valentine’s Day, I made it happen.’

Ever since I can remember I’ve had this wild fantasy about having sex somewhere public. 

Just the thought of being so horny that you can’t wait until you’re home, mixed in with the risk of getting caught, turns me on so much. (Personally, I blame Eminem and Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile — that sex scene up against factory machinery really set my 13-year-old self up for some very unrealistic expectations).

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So, while getting hot and heavy under the sheets with my boyfriend one night, I broached the subject, concealed among some very naughty, dirty talk. 

“We’re down a dark alley,” I purred in his ear, “and you’ve got me pinned up against the brick wall.”

Hearing David groan beside me encouraged me on, as I detailed my darkest desires while stroking him up and down. 

A month later, it was Valentine’s Day, and we were at a posh restaurant in the city sipping champagne and devouring oysters. Somewhere between our entrée and main course I excused myself from the table. 

Balancing on my stilettos in the toilet cubicle, I slipped my red lace g-string down my legs. Folding it tightly into my palm, I walked back out to the table flushed with excitement. My naughty little secret was liberating and left me feeling so incredibly sexy.

Sitting down next David, I reached for his hand under the table, closing his fingers around my underwear. 

Glancing down in surprise, his eyes lit up in realisation. Leaning forward, David’s lips grazed the side of my cheek as he murmured in my ear, “what do you want, trouble?”

For the rest of our meal, we were both thoroughly distracted by thoughts of me sitting there in public without underwear. Holding a glass of red wine in one hand, David teased me with the other, running it up and down the inside of my thigh. I tingled with excitement.

Getting up to pay, we were heading for the door when David let his hand slip down my back and over the smooth curve of my bum. Without the outline of any underwear, he squeezed my arse and whispered to me just how much he wanted it.


In a new bar down the street, we ordered espresso martinis, but the music was too loud and the room too crowed for a romantic date for two. 

Sitting on a coach on the dark side of the bar, I looked up at David as I sipped my cocktail. With fire in his eyes, he reached forward and took my chin in hand, before kissing me deeply. Pulling my legs over his knees, he ran his palm up my thigh.

Moving his lips to my neck, he began to tease me under my dress. With his fingertips over my clit, I leaned back on the sofa in pleasure, completely unaware of anyone else around us. 

As the bar buzzed and I tried not to lose control, David suddenly stood up in front of me. His jeans protruded near my face and I could see exactly how hard he’d become. Putting his hand out, he pulled me up to my feet and led me back through the crowd. 

Guiding me down a corridor, he pushed open a door. I realised with shock that we were in an empty men’s toilet. 

Ushering me inside, David locked the door behind us. Sitting on the closed toilet seat lid, he pulled me in front of him and tugged my dress up. Straddling him, I kissed him fiercely, as he wound his fingers through my hair, tugging it gently. 

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Rubbing up against David, I could feel him surge beneath me as he grew harder and more frustrated. Lifting myself up an inch or so, I made room for him to unzip and he sprung out ready. 

Without any lace in the way, I lowered myself straight onto him. Slick with desire, he slid straight in and the pleasure rushed through me, filling me up. 

With my lips still on his, I began to move up and down, gyrating against him. The position was perfect for stimulating my clit, while David held onto my bare arse, pulling down harder. With his free hand, he yanked the top of my dress down, before slipping my boobs out of my red bra. Taking my nipples in his mouth, he sucked at them hard and I threw my head back in ecstasy.

I’d never been more turned on in my life.

Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door swing open and a bunch of male voices. While slowing down my movements, I kept going, pushing harder and harder up and down, inching closer to the pinnacle. With the sound of taps being turned on, I began to move quicker. By the time a hand dryer sprang to life, David gripped me hard, pulling me in and filling me up, as my hand flew to my mouth to cover my own moment of utter pleasure. 

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