SEX DIARIES: ‘I gave a stranger head in a hotel lift. I’ve never felt more in control.’

I looked across the crowded dancefloor, and there he was.

Making his way down the staircase to the bottom level of the boat, a guy with a head of dark hair, brooding eyes and a smile already playing on his lips. 

He picked up on my gaze immediately, and the spark was instant.

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Bolstered by cheap beer on a pub crawl through Prague’s waterways, I silently gestured from my side of the room.

Pointing at him, then at myself, before directing my finger to the ceiling.

You and me... on the rooftop. 

Crossing the dancefloor in a few short strides, I grazed past him in the tight space, with a wicked grin on my face.

Turning immediately, he followed me up the stairs. 

By the time we made it to the top deck, adrenaline was rushing through me.

I’d never been so confident to go after what I wanted.

Walking over to the railing on the side of the boat, I pressed my back up against the metal rungs.

Within a heartbeat, his mouth was on mine while his hands roamed up my neck to cup my face in his palms.

I ran my fingers down his back, our bodies intertwined.

Coming up for air, I giggled. 

“Hi,” I whispered, before his lips engulfed mine once again.

After we docked, we walked onto the next club with electricity running through our bodies.

We’d barely been there for 10 minutes, when he led me into the depths of the underground bar.

Finding an empty cavern, we sat down in the corner, partially obscured by the table in front of us.

Sitting side by side, his mouth never left mine, but his hand trailed up my leg with intent.


Reaching the edge of my short pink dress, his fingers pressed on and didn’t stop when they reached my underwear.

Pushing past the lace, he was suddenly in me, and I gasped in pleasure as his warm fingers began to slide up and down.

I tried desperately to keep still, while my body withered from the inside.

Another five minutes disappeared, and I couldn’t take it any longer. “Your hotel,” I moaned into his ear, frantic to get out of there.

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Grabbing his hand, we moved through the crowd towards the exit before jumping into the back of a cab.

After what felt like the longest taxi ride of my life, we crossed the foyer, my heels clicking against the marble.

By the time we reached the lift, the sexual tension was at fever pitch, as we finally found ourselves alone on a journey 10 floors up.

As soon as the doors closed, I kissed him, pushing my body up against his and feeling him harden beneath my pelvis.

Then, I dropped to my knees.

With my face at his hip height, I worked on undoing his belt as quickly as possible.

Unzipping his fly and tugging down his briefs, he popped out in front of me. Every inch just as I’d imagined.

Taking him in my mouth I worked quickly, as I felt the elevator climb higher.

Groaning loudly, he put his hands on my head, encouraging me on.

I sucked harder, my tongue running against his skin, as the seconds ticked by.

I could feel him getting close, after a night of teasing and no release.

With a moan, I drew him to the back of my throat, taking as much as I could, before I heard the inevitable..


We’d arrived at our floor.

Standing up, I got to my feet, suddenly conscious of the security camera glaring down on us.

With a smirk, I looked at him, pulling himself together, before we exited the lift and made for his hotel room.

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