Inside the first sex doll brothel, where men live out their ultimate sexual fantasies.

Europe’s first sex doll brothel has just opened up in Barcelona and boy do we have some questions.

Like, how much does it cost? Is it cheaper to go to a normal brothel? Do they have regulars? Would it be cheaper to put some money away each week and buy your own doll? HOW DO THEY CLEAN THE DOLLS? Someone please tell me there’s some serious Dettol involved.

The brothel, Lumidolls, operates from an apartment in the Spanish city where it offers appointments with its plastic sex workers.

sex doll brothel
Clients can choose between Katy (left) and Leiza (right). Image via Lumidolls.

Clients can choose from four silicone ladies of the night to help them live out their ultimate sexual fantasies.

There's Katy who's 170cm tall, with very large breasts that the website ensures are 'very realistic to touch'. She's like the vintage Pamela Anderson of the sex doll world.

If Katy's not for you, you might prefer Liza who has a 'sculptural body'. According to her profile, she is an 'ebony goddess'.

Then there's Lily from Asia, who's 'thin, soft, with wasp waist and full natural breast to the touch. Will be an ideal companion for your most intimate moments'.

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And for the anime fans, you can now live out your fantasy of having sex with an anime character with a doll named Aki (because that's a thing, apparently). 

Lumidolls' website ensures future clients that each doll is 'properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps' before and after each session. THANK GOD FOR THAT. But still, someone has to do that job.


The website's frequently asked questions section also states that the dolls have oral, vaginal and anal cavities just like normal women and that they recommend the men use condoms and lubricants.

sex doll brothel
Lily (left) an Aki (right) 'work' at the brothel. Image via Lumidolls.

The brothel also supplies clients with a plasma TV, some pornos, and some dim candlelight to help them get into the mood for having sex with a inanimate object.

Each session will cost the client between $115- $160 Australian dollars depending on how much time they'd like to spend with their lady of choice.

And that's actually a bargain if you factor in that a custom made sex doll will set you back between $2000-$4000 Australian dollars.

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But there's so much the website doesn't tell us.

Who are these clients? Are they regulars? What made them interested in sex dolls? Surely there'll be some wear and tear on the dolls after a few weeks?

What happens when one of the clients falls in love with one of the 'workers'? And what happens to the dolls when they retire - is there some kind of second hand doll industry?

I guess we'll just have to watch this space.