SEX DIARIES: 'A stranger spanked me at a party. I couldn't get enough.'

It was close to dawn by the time I spied my best friend across the party.

Hours had passed since I’d last seen her, when I was cuddled up with a very sexy British boy by the pool. 

It had been a wild, wild night. Of drinking, dancing, skinny dipping and getting up to no good. 

I was spent, eager to head home and looking forward to a few minutes of sleep before we had to get up. 

But Chloe was well occupied. 

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Lying on a circular shaped couch and wrapped around a man I’d never seen before, she was definitely not ready to leave. 

"Hey!" I yelled, bounding up to them in my drunken state. "Whatcha doing?"

Chloe giggled into the cushion, while the man gazed at her, with a cheeky glint in his eye. 

"Oh, no fair," I whined, "I’ve been outside getting bitten by mosquitoes." 

Sliding up my little black dress, I showed off the bright red lumps covering my legs. 

"And just look," I cried out, "they’ve even bitten me on my ass!" 

With that, I flicked up the back of my dress, bent over, and showed them my underside. 

Laughter broke out from the couch, but the next thing I knew an arm was snaking around my waist, pulling me into a body. 

Squirming, I straightened up, just as a deep voice murmured in my ear.

"What do you want to show me?"

I twisted my head back, wriggling in the arms that held me in place. 

Tall, with a wave of dark hair, big glasses and an even bigger grin, he was cute. Very cute. 

I vaguely recognised him from the beach club earlier that day. 

He’d seemed so sweet. So innocent. 

"What’s that you’ve got there," he asked again smiling, sliding one hand down to tug my dress back up. 


"Mozzie bites," I squealed, pushing away from his grip. 

Chloe and her beau continued to laugh from below, as he and I played cat and mouse. 

"Show me again," he pleaded, pulling me towards him. 

Bending down, he came in for a closer look, his smooth palm running over my itchy behind. 

It felt good. 

Really good. 

"We’ll have to see what we can do about them," he said, standing up. 

And with that, he scooped me up into his arms and carried me out of the room, as if I had no say in the matter. 

Clinging to his neck and giggling, I shrieked out to Chloe. 

"I’ll see you later," I yelled, "have a good night!"

As we made our way through the villa, hallways spread out like a maze, each containing more doors than the one before. 

At last, we reached the end of a corridor, and his bedroom. 

Propping the door open with one hand, he guided us through the room until we reached the bed. 

Then he dropped me onto the sheets. 

"Now you’re going to get it," he said with a wicked grin, as I felt my pulse quicken. 

Leaning over me, he kissed my mouth. 

Hard, fast, rough. 


Moving along my neck, he sucked at the skin with the full knowledge that I would be left with bruises. 

Reaching the top of my dress, he ripped the material down, exposing my breasts in the light. 

With his lips over my nipple, he pulled hard, his teeth wrapped around the tip, making it hurt. 

Underneath his weight, I writhed in pleasure.

I couldn’t believe I was in this stranger’s bed. 

Suddenly, he was kneeling between my legs, drawing my black lace g-string down. 

Then again, his tongue was on me. 

Pushing against and circling around my most sensitive part. 

I strained against his palms holding me down, as sensation spread throughout my body.  

His teasing grew and grew until all at once he stepped back and into the bathroom for a condom. 

I lay on the bed, panting, heart racing, exposed. 

Then he was back. Naked.

Reaching down, he picked me up and spun me over, so I was face down on the mattress. 


"Who’s been a bad girl?" he growled into my hair, as he yanked my dress up.

My naked behind at his mercy. 

And with that, his hand came down hard and fast onto my bare skin, the sound of his slap reverberating across the room. 

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Pain seared through my nerve endings like fire. 

Radiating across my body

I’d been spanked before. 

But this was like nothing I’d ever felt. 

And I loved it. 

Once again, his palm struck me. 

The impact, on the same spot, in the same place, sent blood rising to the surface. 

I could feel my skin burn beneath his touch. 

When he drew his arm back a third time, I was ready, and welcomed the discomfort. 

As his fingers left their mark again, his own personal branding, I’d never felt more alive.

Every sense was heightened. 

Every nerve was on alert. 

And every part of me felt the rush of adrenaline. 

Then he stopped and waited. 

For a second, he let me rest, to take in the pain of three full blows. 

I lay there, panting, breaths coming out in bursts. 

The suspense was unbearable. 

Then suddenly he grabbed my hips and drew me to my knees. 

Lifting my dress up, he plunged into me. 

Long. Hard. Domineering. 

In and out he moved, as he squeezed my shoulder with one hand, and pulled my hair with the other. 

Stopping to tear the black dress off, he left it in tatters on the floor, before pushing me down onto my stomach and getting on top of me. 

By the time I left later that morning, my bum was red raw, and covered in hand shaped marks. 

Multiple orgasms had also left me shaken, and almost unable to stand.

Every fibre still tingled long after his palm’s impact.

And my mozzie bites were all but forgotten.

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