No men allowed: A sex club for only women is coming to Sydney.

A women’s-only sex club for bisexual and bi-curious women is about to launch in Sydney, and it sounds more than a little bit naughty.

Described on their website as “an underground community for girls who play with girls”, Skirt Club is an initiative aimed at women who are looking to experiment with their sexuality without complications.

According to the Skirt Club site, 90% of women are curious about other women. Perhaps that’s why Skirt Club attracts such a wide range of members: some bisexual, others just single women looking to experiment, and still others in long-term relationships with men.

According to the founder, members are often interested in meeting other women but aren’t confident enough to attend lesbian-only events.

That’s why they provide private in-home sex parties “for when your man just isn’t enough”, where interested women can watch burlesque dancers, listen to music, drink cocktails, take body shots… oh, and engage in various sexual activities with each other, of course.

Watch pornstar Madion Missina describe the difference between sex with men and women. Post continues after video… 

In their own words, “Skirt Club parties are designed to facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no consequences, no questions… away from the prying eyes of men.”

“It’s not just a sex club,” one member of the Manchester branch of Skirt Club, Renee Nyx*, told, “but let’s say sex will happen … somewhere, if that’s what a member wants.”


At these events, new women wear an ornate key charm dangling from their wrists to alert other members to take things slowly with them.

New women wear an ornate key charm dangling from their wrists. Image: iStock.

“What we offer is an environment in which to do that which is safe and non-threatening,” Nyx says.

“And it can be a scary thing to take that leap.”

For those who aren't sure they want to dive straight into the deep end, the club also offers monthly "Mini Skirt" events, where interested women can meet in a no-pressure environment like a bar and chat about the concept.

Skirt Club already has locations in Miami, New York and London, and is set to open in Harbour City Sydney on the 29th of June.

If you're interested in learning more, you can read about women's experiences at Skirt Club here (but we're warning you, it's NSFW. Like really, really NSFW.)

*Renee Nyx is a pseudonym provided to