The TV show where real people have sex in a box.

Sex Box is the reality TV show you never thought would happen, and then it did.

It’s the show where couples go on TV, talk about their sexual desires, and then…erm…have sex on stage. In a box. With only a bit of metal separating them and the audience. Then they come out and talk about it.

And it’s coming to Australia, people.

Hear Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik talk about the show in this week’s episode of The Binge. Post continues after audio.

I can hear my voice going squeaky just typing this. And I don’t know whether it is from excitement or shock.

Naturally, I have many, many questions, so I turned to Mamamia’s resident television experts, Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik to answer them.

Like – why?

“The idea behind it, is that it is part of a series of programs designed to reclaim sex from the porn industry, and put it back into the mainstream.” Laura explains.

But is it doing what it sets out to achieve? Does putting two people in a box to have sex live on stage, and then getting them to talk about it on a national platform actually reclaim sex from the porn industry?

"I don't think we talk about sex on television enough in a real sense," says Rosie. "I mean we have incredibly voyeuristic and unrealistic sex on television, but we don't have people talking openly about what pleasures them, what they desire, what they do like, what they don't like.

"I think it's kind of a good thing, the show may be a little sensationalist in its approach, but it's got real people talking about real sex."

Laura, on the other hand, thinks otherwise. She thinks that you can't really liken Sex Box to real sex, because having sex on a stage while the cameras are rolling isn't really real sex, and that the answer might better lie in a female version of Luke Warm Sex.


"Instead of talking about [sex] with a close friend or a family member or the person you've just had sex with, you're talking about it in front of a studio audience. I think in terms of sex education there is a lot that can be done, but I think that this show is not the answer." Laura says.

Watch the trailer here:

While Rosie and Laura may disagree, one thing is for certain, and that is, as Rosie says, "the British are raunchy when it comes to their TV."

Apparently, we Aussies are too, because you can expect our own version of the show to hit our video waves in later this year, and watch the British version of Sex Box on SBS2 right now.

You can hear the full episode of The Binge, including the latest Aussie show about an Aboriginal superhero, and well as the show about four-year-old children do when adults aren't watching, below. For more episodes, you can find us on iTunes, download the Mamamia Podcast app, or, if you're on Android, search for us in your favourite podcast app.