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Help – she never thought she’d have sex before marriage

The diversity of Group Therapy questions on Mamamia never fails to impress me – “the best” age to have sex, when your kids want to have sex but what  about sex before marriage when you really thought you wouldn’t or even shouldn’t. Fiona* writes


“I’m in my early twenties  and I’m a virgin. I’m a Christian, so being a virgin kind of comes with the territory, with the whole ‘no sex before marriage’ thing. That’s all been well and good, until I met a guy that I really like. He’s not a Christian and has had his fair share of sex. This has kind of got me thinking differently now. I really want to sleep with him. My question is, I was wondering if there was anyone that’s been in the same position? I get that this is more of a religious kind of issue so it may rule out some people’s experiences, but I’m really interested about all of your opinions, regardless of background. Also, are there any Christians, Muslims, Jews etc. out there who have done it outside of marriage and just not regretted it at all??
I’m really keen to hear your thoughts. “