21 things you didn't know about Sex and the City.

We’re bringing you 21 of the most fascinating facts about the show that was loved by women (and men) all over the world.

Sex and the City is a timeless show. The show, which started in 1998 and introduced the world to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, has become multi-generational.

Grandmothers watch it. Mothers reminisce. 30-somethings relate. 20-somethings dream.

The program launched the careers of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, and it began a love affair with the world that would last long after the second (pretty terrible) movie left cinemas.

As with any show that spanned multiple years, there becomes a bit of a cult-like following that surrounds the brand. And that has absolutely happened here. There’s the Sex and the City tour through New York City, the ‘Cosmopolitan’ as the go-to single girl’s cocktail and the iconic line – Hello, lover – when walking past a pair of shoes.

So for your enjoyment, we’ve compiled 21 interesting facts about our favourite show.

21. Sarah Jessica Parker was the only actor with a no-nudity clause in her contract.

20. She would spend up to 18 hours a day in heels to get into the ‘Carrie mindset’.

19. The medicine cabinet in Carrie’s apartment was spotted at a market stall by Sarah Jessica Parker before the show began. She didn’t buy it at first, but then reconsidered. When she went back to buy it, the owner of the stall told her it had already been sold to “some TV show”. On the first day of filming, the cabinet was in Carrie’s apartment.

Carrie Bradshaw: an icon.

18. Until season 4 episode 12, the opening credits of the program showed the World Trade Center. After the attacks, this footage was changed to a clip of the Empire State Building.

17. Carrie's apartment sold for $9.65 million in 2012.

16. Aidan's dog, Pete, loved Carrie but was terrified of Aidan so they had to bring in a new dog. The crew had to constantly give John Corbett, who played Aidan, dog treats so Pete would forget his anger and act playful.

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha.

15. In the show's intro, Carrie gets splashed by a passing bus. When she gets splashed, you can see there are passengers in the bus. In the very next shot, the bus is empty.

14. When Charlotte and her first husband, Trey, get engaged outside Tiffany and Co, they had to make a fake Tiffany's window with approval from the store as they were not allowed to film outside the real store.

13. There has never been an outfit repeat in the series, except for the fur jacket in the last scene of the program, which was also shown in the first episode.

Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie, Miranda.

12. The iconic opening scene with Carrie walking down the street in the tutu almost never made it to air. “Sitting in the vault somewhere, there is an alternate opening-credit sequence where Sarah is wearing a blue dress,” series creator Darren Star said. “And she doesn’t get splashed by the bus, but instead she trips when she sees the bus.”


11. Carrie's tell-tale blonde hair became a huge part of her character, but she was supposed to be a brunette. 24 hours before the series began filming, producers changed their mind because Candace Bushnell, who wrote the book that the series is based on, is blonde.

10. In the first film, released in 2008, Carrie borrows a book called 'Love Letters of Great Men' from New York Public Library. The book wasn't actually a real book when the movie came out, but was made into one after so many fans expressed interest in reading it.

Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte.

9. The New York Public Library, where Carrie borrows her books in the first movie from, doesn't actually allow you to borrow books.

8. Carrie is delivered a wedding dress in the first movie with a note from designer Vivienne Westwood. Westwood actually hand wrote this note.

7. There are only eight episodes in season 5 because Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant in real life.

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha.

6. The baby that Aidan was shown with in season six, when he runs into Carrie on the street, was actually Sarah Jessica Parker's child, which is why the baby seemed so happy when she walked up.

5. Willie Garson, who plays Stanford, met Sarah Jessica Parker years before Sex and the City began. They were set up on a blind date. The pair are now very close friends.

4. The season six villain, Aleksandr Petrovsky was introduced to the show to make Big seem likeable. Audiences were divided after Aidan and Carrie broke up, because they loved Aidan, so they introduced the 'villian' Aleksandr so Big would attract fans.

Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie.

3. In the first film, the scene where Charlotte's water breaks after she yells, 'I curse the day you were born!" was filmed near a Catholic girls' school. A fire alarm from the school interrupted filming, and teenage girls ran out and screamed "We love you, Mr Big!". Chris Noth, who played Big, yelled out, "Shouldn't you be in school?" and a girl replied, "Abso-fucking-lutely!" - one of his iconic lines from the show.

2. Miranda wore clip on earrings throughout the series because Cynthia Nixon doesn't have her ears pierced.

1. Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha, turned down the role twice before being convinced by a friend to take it.

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