Do these tweets from Sarah Jessica Parker mean what we think they mean?

Is it happening again?

Rumours of a third Sex and the City movie are swirling around cyberspace.

On Friday Kristen Davis tweeted at former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker to express her substantial affections for the actress.

SJP replied, asking Davis if she had “heard the news”.


Fans responded to the exchange asking for pair to clarify the comments, but SJP cryptically responded “eating crow now.”

The tweets follow Hudson aka Louis from St.Louis’s comments last week, in which she didn’t NOT say that a new Sex and the City film could be in the works.

“I think it might be,” she told Dish Nation in a radio interview.

“I feel as though somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks it might happen.”

For now the rumours remain just that, RUMOURS.

Are you trying to tell us something Kristen?

Watch Hudson tell it like it might be on the radio below.

Would you like to see SATC3 happen?