Seven Year Switch's Jackie and Tim reveal how they hooked up. It's crazier than we expected.

Seven Year Switch‘s Jackie and Tim have revealed how their relationship first blossomed as they celebrate their four-year anniversary.

Responding to a fan’s question on how the pair met, Jackie detailed how she first started talking to Tim in the fitness assessment room at the gym they both ended up working at.

“Tim had a big cheesy grin and a twinkle in his eye and asked about my new role in the club,” Jackie wrote.

Tim then organised work drinks, aka an excuse to get close to Jackie. And she said she was “definitely the first to RSVP”.


She described how after a few drinks at Melbourne’s Hotel Windsor on Chapel st, Tim picked her up and threw her over his shoulder caveman-style (and definitely Tim-style).

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“I squealed to put me down and said, ‘if you want to hook up, stop making it so obvious in front of the other work people!! They can’t know!!’ We both waited and waited until the very last person left the party and then pretty much spent every day and night together going forward until the show,” she wrote.

Jackie’s recent baby shower was tres chic. Post continues after video…

Jackie said they went onto move in together very quickly — but they kept their relationship a secret at work for about four months.

“It was fun sneaking around, we’d arrive together and one of us would walk in before the other. It was passionate and exciting and because we loved spending so much time together, we wanted to start a business together,” she wrote.


“And that was when the dynamic changed, the financial stress grew and roles were not defined, it put a lot of pressure on the relationship. We saw the show as a great opportunity to go on a holiday together and get the romance back. Oops! But it did actually work in a crazy way. And here we are.”

She finished the post by joking that she hadn’t received an anniversary gift yet. The big day was yesterday. Oops.

In an earlier anniversary post, the pair — who are expecting their first child in August — took an apparent swipe at the show that placed them in the public eye.


“Other than that time we went on a reality show… it’s been a fabulous 4 years,” they wrote.

They spent their special day at a birthing class in hospital.

Well, romance was never Tim’s strong point.

Check out what the couple have been up to since leaving the show. Images via Instagram.