Seven Year Switch's Jackie shares a photo of her baby bump progress.

Just months after appearing on reality television in an attempt to fix their fractured relationship, Seven Year Switch couple Tim and Jackie look happier and more relaxed than ever.

Sharing a snap to their joint Instagram account, the pair are seen sitting on a beach in the new home city of the Gold Coast.

“Lunchbreak at the beach,” the image was captioned, showing a topless Tim and heavily pregnant Jackie, both smiling happily and looking seriously laid back.

The happy couple relaxing. Source: Instagram.

While the pair are still a few months away from welcoming their bub, they're set to become the second couple from the show to welcome a new bundle of joy, with fellow contestants Cassie and Ryan introducing the world to their newest family member to the world last week.

"Mena made quite the entrance and spent a short time in special care,’ the couple wrote at the time of their fourth child's arrival. ‘Keeping in trend with her siblings and scared her Mumma and Dadda, however is doing extremely well and we hope to have her home shortly!"

Ryan, Mena, Cassie and their two elder daughters. Source: Instagram.

It's likely that Tim and Jackie - who have become close with the pair since moving to Queensland - will be on the phone asking for tips and tricks as they venture into parenthood for the first time.

Confirming the pregnancy on the Channel 7 show's reunion special, Jackie said the ~ magic ~ happened within days of being reunited with one another after their two week separation, and that the idea of being a mum had her feeling, "excited, nervous, overwhelmed, emotional."

The pair also announced during the reunion show that they are engaged, planning a wedding following their baby's arrival.

With just ten weeks to go, the countdown for both is officially on!

Jackie and Tim talk babies on Seven Year Switch...