Seven Year Switch's Tallena doesn't spend every night with her husband.

Seven Year Switch‘s Tallena has revealed that she doesn’t spend every night with her new husband Brad.

Working as a flight attendant means that Tallena travels a lot – but rather than complain, she sees the benefits for her relationship with her husband.

In an Instagram post on Sunday night, Tallena revealed that spending time apart “helps [their] relationship a lot”.

“We use (sic) to be one of those couples that couldn’t spend a single night apart but now with me only being home a few nights a week we appreciate our time together a lot more and we don’t take it for granted, we make the effort to have date nights and enjoy the time that we do get to spend together,” she wrote.


It’s great news for a couple that was struggling to make things work only recently.

It seems that their stint on Seven Year Switch and recent wedding really turned things around for Brad and Tallena, who previously struggled to connect.

We couldn’t be happier for them.

Watch Brad propose to Tallena on the Seven Year Switch.

Video via Channel 7