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Seven Year Switch's Tallena and Brad have split up 14 months after their wedding.

Seven Year Switch’s Tallena and Brad have ended their marriage just 14 months after their wedding day.

Speaking to New Idea, Tallena said she realised she had been sacrificing her “own happiness” for Brad.

“I realised I’d been sacrificing my own happiness to make Brad happy, so in the end I had to be selfish and put myself first,” she told the magazine.

“It was a really hard conversation for us to have, but we both knew it wasn’t working. We weren’t getting what we wanted from one another anymore.”

seven year switch tallena brad divorce
"I realised I’d been sacrificing my own happiness to make Brad happy." Image via Instagram.

The Brisbane-based couple appeared on the 2016 series of Seven Year Switch and then tied the knot in April 2016.

Although the couple made a mutual decision to split, Tallena says since then Brad's reaction hasn't been great.

"Unfortunately, you can’t control how someone else reacts and Brad didn’t handle it very well, which was disappointing. But people behave in different ways when they’re hurting, and I understand that."

Tallena believes they should have broken up a long time ago and the fame from SYS only compounded their problems.

"That’s the thing. When it was good, it was really good, but SYS did change our relationship. I thought it would make us stronger as a couple and in some ways it definitely did."

Tallena said the show made Brad realise how bad he was treating her, but the whole experience left her in a very dark place.


She became "really depressed and anxious" and she "hated the fame". Tallena also felt like she had to be constantly defending Brad in the public eye.

"When it was good, it was really good, but SYS did change our relationship." Image via Instagram.

From the outset of their season of SYS, Brad proved himself to be a polarising figure, with many viewers finding his aggressive and manipulative behaviour towards Tallena concerning.

While many accused Brad of being emotionally abusive, the couple joined Instagram after the show to tell their side of the story.

"Train your mind to only see the positives in every situation," the pair began on their shared account. "Having to cop the backlash of Brad's 'character' and be labelled as a women [sic] basher, we were both struggling, upset, angry and depressed. We didn't even want to show our faces in public."

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"It's now our time to tell our story, hence the Insta account," the post continued. "Those with tiny minds who choose to believe what they saw on a 'reality' TV show, a small glance into our relationship, need not follow or comment. We have no time for negative minds. For those of you that have been amazingly supportive you do not go unnoticed. You help us fight stronger every day and we thank you! We are strong, together we fight, you ain't seen nothing yet".

The couple has since removed their Instagram account.