Seven Year Switch's Tallena and Brad share the first photo from their wedding.

On Monday night’s reunion episode of Seven Year Switch, many bombs were dropped. Cassie and Ryan as well as Tim and Jackie revealed they were expecting babies.

Jason and Michelle shared the sad news that they had decided to end their marriage after the show. And of course, Brad and Tallena told the world they had decided to start theirs.

Brad and Tallena on Seven Year Switch. Image via Channel Seven. 

Talking about the special day, Tallena said they were surrounded by 60 people and she was "so chilled out" she "didn't care about anything.

It was Brad who proved to be the Bridezilla, wanting everything "to be perfect for Tallena."

The pair  have now shared the photo of their big day on their joint Instagram account, captioning it with, "The best day of our lives! My best friend, my rock, my happiness."

During their time on the show, there was much speculation that Brad displayed some signs of behavioural issues, mostly his emotional abuse of Tallena.

Near the end of the season, Brad had proposed to Tallena for a second time and the pair seemed committed to making their future a forever situation.

"Sometimes out of desperation you do have to do something extreme," Tallena said on the reunion show, adding that partaking in the show had ultimately paid off.

Watch a recap of the Seven Year Switch reunion below...

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