Sarge's 'fridge system' on Seven Year Switch has everyone scratching their heads.

The 2017 season of Seven Year Switch has only been on our screens for two episodes, but one thing has become abundantly clear: contestant Sarge has some extremely rigid rules about sharing a fridge.

You know that super-strict housemate you had in uni who forced everyone to keep their food in very specific places in the fridge, heaven forbid they should coexist side-by-side on one shelf?

That’s Sarge.

"My shelf. MINE." (Channel 7)

On Monday night, we saw Sarge (real name: Derek) chastising his girlfriend Stacey-Louise for "messing up" his delicate fridge stacking system.

“I can never tell what’s my food or not! Because you always put your food on my shelf!” the personal trainer said.

"Like, there is such a systematic approach to fridges and you just mess it up! It’s making sure you’ve got a system so you know where everything is!”

Listen: Michelle from last year's SYS tells The Binge's Tiff and Clare her advice for this year's contestants. (Post continues after audio.)

That's right: "my" shelf. Sharing is not caring in this particular fridge.

You'd think maybe Sarge would relax the rules for his new "wife" Tracey— alas, no.

Not even a fake TV "marriage" is enough to destabilise this rule.

"I'm a bit OCD with my fridge," he told Tracey, before kindly offering her a shelf of her very own.

Setting aside this rather problematic choice of words... one glimpse at social media made it clear Sarge's strict fridge system had left viewers more than a little confounded.

Forget his relationship woes... will Seven Year Switch have any effect on Sarge's fridge system?

We can't wait to find out.