Seven Year Switch's Ryan and Cassie have been reunited. And it did not go to plan.

One of this year’s most controversial relationship experiments is almost over, and one couple’s future remains precariously unclear.

Having spent weeks separated from one another and pared with a stranger of the opposite sex, the Seven Year Switch couples were finally reunited on Tuesday night.

But what should have been a happy occasion for Ryan and Cassie ended in accusations and awkward silences.

“I’m so excited, I’m so pumped,” Ryan said moments before seeing his partner of five years.

Clutching a bunch of flowers and bouncing on the balls of his feet, he continued, “I’m only five metres away from my front door. I’ve been bouncing all morning, I can’t wait to see Cass’s beautiful, smiling face.”

Turn and run, Ryan. Just turn and run. Source: Seven Year Switch / Channel 7.

Little does Ryan know that hell hath no fury like a trying-to-hide-it pregnant woman experiencing a sudden surge in hormones.

Telling his partner about his uncontainable excitement Cassie responded, "I slept all the way home to be honest."

Trying again, Ryan continued, "I feel so optimistic about today and tomorrow and the next day. I feel so good about it all." To which Cassie simply replied, "that's good."

And then it was off.

Seven Year Switch's Cassie was not as happy to see Ryan as he was to see her. Source: Channel 7.

"As soon as I found out Michelle was with you, and then I saw her, and she's exactly your type and you's are so similar in so many ways.." Cassie said, before Ryan interjected asking, "what type?"

"It wasn't a nice feeling seeing her sitting in a spa in front of you. Jason and I are going out of our minds worrying about these two flip abouts who don't know what they're doing from day to day," Cassie added.


"How do you know that wasn't going on with me and Jason?" she continued.

"I took a totally different view of it," Ryan said, clearly trying to defuse the situation.

And while Cassie may be right in saying that Michelle doesn't know where she wants to be, one thing is for sure and that's that she doesn't want to be with Ryan.

Seven Year Switch's Ryan and Cassie's reunion did not go to plan. Source: Channel 7.

"Her character was lovely," Ryan said trying to defend his new friend. "She was respectful and sweet, and for the record not my type at all."

With Cassie walking off, Ryan admitted to the camera crew, "I feel like I've been accused of something I haven't done."

While later in the episode Cassie admitted that a "devil" had taken over her in that instant and admitted that she knew the couple "could be amazing together", the future of the pair is still not yet known.

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