Seven Year Switch is being stormed with complaints over a big contradictory detail.

The new season of Seven Year Switch kicked off last night and viewers have noticed a little problem with Channel 7’s latest reality TV offering.

The basic premise of the show is that four couples ‘on the brink of separation’, who have been together for seven years or more, swap partners in an attempt to save their marriage.

There’s only one problem – at least two of the couples haven’t even been together for seven years.

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When the first episode aired last night, angry viewers took to social media to ask why it’s called Seven Year Switch when some of the couples were basically newlyweds or even newly dating.

“7 year switch… 2 years together the first couple – gee if this is bad they ain’t seen nothing! How are they in this show? Oh that’s right for 7 minutes of fame,” one person commented. 
“Seven is more than 2 1/2 years. Maths not your strong point. Call it 2 Year Fling.”

“Seven Year Switch ……. but they’ve only been together for a couple of years ….. one couple isn’t even engaged yet …. and what other things have they tried before this “last chance” ….. this seems like a joke to me …. first rule of a real relationship …. You don’t fix problems by going outside of the relationship,” added another.

The most controversial couple is Stacey Louise and Sarge who have only been together for two and a half years. Both personal trainers from Brisbane, the couple say they first bonded over their shared dream of running their own boot camp business.


Then there’s Michael and Felicity who have been together for five years, however, the couple put their wedding on hold when they fell pregnant not long after they met. They now have two kids.

seven year switch problem
Mark and Kaitlyn have only been living together for a year. Image via Channel 7.

Johnny and Tracey, from Adelaide, have been together for 11 years, but the couple has been separated for the past year.

The final couple, Mark and Kaitlyn, has been living together for just one year.

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This is not the first time Seven Year Switch has been a bit iffy with their calculations, last year Tim and Jackie had only been together 3.5 years before appearing on the show, while engaged couple Brad and Tallena had only been dating for two years.

Oops. Looks like Channel 7 may have to rethink the whole premise behind the show.