Seven Year Switch fans shocked by Michael's "disgusting behaviour" toward his fiancée.

Last night’s episode of Seven Year Switch held a mirror up to the couples’ behaviour within their relationships, and Michael didn’t like what was staring back at him.

A reflection he called “disgusting”.

The realisation came via a therapy session in which Michael was forced to watch footage of a confrontation with real-life fiancée Felicity – one of many the couple say they have these days, one of many fuelled by the pressure of caring for their two infant children and starting their own business.

In the clip, Michael accuses her of “knickering [sic] and poking” him, though cannot explain how, then turns and tells her, “If I’m so bad, piss off.”

seven year switch michael disgusting behaviour
Felicity and Michael react to footage of one of their many fights. Image: Channel 7.

Watching the footage alongside his on-screen substitute partner, Kaitlyn, Michael's embarrassment was obvious.

"When I look at myself act like that...," he said. "It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting behaviour.

"It needs to stop. That's terrible. It makes me question me."

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Yet when shown the same confrontation in her therapy session, his partner of five years Felicity decided it was she who ought to shoulder the blame.

"It makes me think there's something wrong with me," she said, tearfully.

"I just saw me nagging and setting him off. And I don't want to make him angry. Sometimes I just need to shut up, because I just kept going."

Viewers, it seems, didn't agree.

Let's hope so.